December 10, 2010

Oops…I forgot…

I thought I’d written this blog, but then I looked and realized I’d forgotten. Time is crunched so I need to just so ya’ll the photos from Friday and then get crackin’ on Monday’s blog.

What a disappointment I am…time is just running away from me, just like those damn squirrels and my tail!

I bask in the last bit of sun before the torrential rains begin...
Monty basks, too...
Do you see what's behind us? Yep, heavy, heavy rain clouds!
...but the sky stayed relatively light for Oshi and Perrito...
...and Gemma, too though she's ready for rain!
"What rain? I don't see no stinking rain!"
"Can we run through the puddles if it rains?"
"I think I should go home now. I mean, if it's gonna rain and all!"
But the rain stayed away.
No matter where we went...
...or what we did, still no rain.
We could go swimming and get wet, couldn't we?
"Give it up, Saber. She's not going to let us go swimming."
"Did someone saying swimming? How about chasing waves!"
"Seriously, Saber, get over the idea of swimming. Not gonna happen, dude!"
And still it didn't rain...what luck!

Until tomorrow…


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