November 5, 2010


We passed by this spot today…

…once there was a very tall tree here. This is all that’s left. The tree was knocked over in a powerful wind storm a few years back and when it fell, it took out the corners of two houses. Now there’s only this tree round.

It got me thinking about remnants — things left in our lives that are only hints of the past. Remnants are everywhere. Leftover pumpkins post Halloween, the scent of cats who hide from me when I walk by, and the changing seasons slipping from bright greens of warmer days to the rich browns and oranges of dark, dark nights.

What I’ve noticed mostly, though, is that we don’t really pay attention to the remnants. Instead, we’re really focused on the glitter and glam of what’s new and different and what’s coming next. Not that it’s bad to like the new stuff, but there’s a lot to be humbled about with the older, less polished remnants of our lives.

Those remnants are, in fact, our past and though I like to spend each day living in the moment, today I looked at the past through the lens of my life’s remnants.

The first was the tree round left sitting on the corner where Monty and pass almost daily. Next would be Monty, though he is not a remnant in the terms of leftovers. Nope, he’s a reminder of what true friendship is all about. From the moment I met him, he pledged his friendship fast and true and now, almost four years later, that fabric (as in fabric remnant) is as strong and beautiful as it was when we first met.

Next, Rosie and Tyson — though they are relatively new to my circle, they represent the remnants of what’s possible. Rosie has always been shy and fearful. While she’s bonded well with her brother Tyson and her adoring family, new experiences upset her and in her nervous state, she lashed out in ways that weren’t productive. It took a year of walking her before Gretchen introduced us, but now Rosie and I are fast friends — we both get very excited when we see the other.

I hadn’t met Tyson until the other day. Gretchen was a bit worried that I’d react since Tyson is such a big, strong guy, but once I met him, I wagged my tail, gave a sniff, and that was that. Now the future hope is that the three of us can walk together, which is only possible because of the layers of remnants Gretchen has established with both Rosie and Tyson and the additional layers of my blooming friendship with Rosie.

The past creates the path to the future. That’s also what I’m learning. What was laid down with Rosie and Tyson bodes well for our friendship in the future.

Now, I could make a joke about how Oshi and Perrito look like remnants, but I shall refrain =-) They have been our neighbors for my entire life and what I love about them is that they have this very lively family. Their family is a perfect example of all the past remnants staying connected. There are always relatives at their house, the yummy smell of food wafting from their kitchen, and music and dancing and laughter seeps out their windows at all times of the day and night. And now, with a newborn in the mix, the strength of their growing remnant is powerful and strong and gentle and beautiful. It’s fun to watch it grow and change.

I’ve known Gemma since she arrived at her home. Where Monty has been the stable remnant of friendship in my life, I’ve been the older, wiser friend to Gemma. Sure, we like to romp it up (she does especially), but we also just like to hang out. She also enjoys hanging with some of my other friends and today they hung out in the remnants of a full spring and cool summer. What beautiful colors of fall still remain.

Saber makes me think of the possibilities of my life. Yes, even those possibilities will some day become remnants. I want to savor each moment of the now so that when I look back I can see how the time spent with Saber has woven itself into a mosaic of our time together.

I know, I know…I’ve gotten kind of mushy in my older years, but for some reason today’s weather, the fallen leaves, and the disappearing daylight made me ponder nostalgically the many remnants that make up my beautiful life.

Have a great weekend,


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