November 4, 2010

My Life

Let me begin by saying that I have a very good life. Very good. I am fed well, loved even more, and every day I get to visit friends, go for long walks, and play and romp more than most dogs.

That said, sometimes I get a bit irritated when I must share my life with another dog in my home. I’m patient, very patient, but around the fourth day, I’m ready to be a one-dog family again with that one dog being me. Now, I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad and I’m really glad they find comfort in our home, but sometimes I just want all the attention to be on me.

I know it’s selfish. I know that makes me spoiled and a bit bratty, but I want to disclose everything. Be transparent, as so many politicians are fond of saying (only I mean it).

Olive went back to her mom tonight and as much fun as I had with her, it was kind of nice to walk around the house knowing I was the top dog once again. Not that Olive hogged the attention or anything, not that she was demanding or ungrateful or pushy or impatient. Quite to the contrary. She was quiet and gentle. She always let me go first (except when it came to dinner time, but she’s a Lab and has no control over how important food is to her). She was polite and sweet and all the things you’d want a dog and especially a guest dog to be.

In fact, she was so pleasant it got to be a bit annoying. I had to live up to quite a high standard that she set and it tired me out. Or maybe it’s been this week that tired me out. The worst rain I’ve ever experienced on Monday followed by the warmed November days I’ve ever experienced on Tuesday through Thursday. I’ve walked miles and miles and then, when I got home, entertained Olive. Whew.

I don’t think our other dogs will feel as I do, though. They are each going to miss Olive.

Ollie thought she was really cute and always wanted to do what Olive did. It was also funny when Gretchen said Olive’s name, Ollie looked up and vice-versa. As we walked around Seward Park, Ollie wanted to be right by Olive’s side and when we posed for photos, he looked wherever she looked.

I rolled around bored with it all (yes, I’ve already admitted that I’m spoiled!).

Rosie never met Olive because Rosie has “issues” with girls. I don’t think she would have had an issue with Olive because she’s so complacent and appealing, but I wanted Rosie all to myself so Gretchen kept Olive at home. (Yes, I’m spoiled rotten!)

Saber and Gemma both loved Olive in their own way and were both a bit disappointed that they didn’t get to see her today, but Olive, who is not used to so much walking, needed the rest.

“Will she come back one day?” Saber asked me.

That’s an interesting answer. Olive and her mom are headed to Mexico for a bit of a sabbatical. I’m not sure Olive is going to like it much because she doesn’t like heat that much, but I know she loves and adores her mother so I imagine they’ll both work it out. Olive will return one day, though, and when she does, she’s free to stay with us for as long as she’d like.

…though four days is about my limit…

…told ya, I’m spoiled beyond the expiration date!

Until tomorrow,


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