November 3, 2010

Another Happy Day

This morning when we woke up, there was this loud thumping noise. “What’s that sound?” I asked.

“Olive’s tail,” Gretchen said.

“Her tail? Why’s her tail making noise?”

“Her tail isn’t making noise,” she said, “She’s banging it against the floor.”

“Why is she doing that?” I asked.

“It’s another happy day, that’s why!”

Another happy day? Well, it turns out that when Olive is happy she wags her tail. I wag mine, but hers is thick and heavy and when her tail meets floor it makes quite a whack. When I wag mine, there isn’t a sound at all. I only create a gentle breeze. Olive creates a rumble.

After hearing Olive’s tail and paying close attention to it (especially when she walks in front of me and it brushes across my face) all day long I paid attention to everyone’s tails, but I forgot to tell Gretchen so she could take close ups of each tail. Oh well. Hopefully, you’ll get a vivid picture through my written descriptions!

First up, was Monty.

Now Monty has an interesting tail. Gretchen calls it a bottle brush because it’s all fluffy and the hair sticks out just like it does on a bottle brush. His tail doesn’t thump either. Instead, it waves back and forth like a fluffy flag.

“I really like Monty’s tail,” Olive confessed to me later. “It’s so soft and quiet.”

“What did you think about Oshi and Perrito’s?” I asked Olive.

“They had tails?” she said.

“Yep, those curly feathery things that float on their butts are their tails,” I explained.

“Really? Do they wag?”

“Kind of, but mostly they just float there like ornaments,” I told her.


Olive got to walk with Gemma and she has a tail more like Olive’s except that it’s short and sticks straight up! Sure, it wags, but mostly it vibrates especially when she sees a squirrel or a cat. We always know when something’s up with Gemma because her tail wiggles and vibrates like a tuning fork!

And then there’s Rosie. She doesn’t have much of a tail, which is probably why, when she gets excited her whole body curls around itself with excitement. She did that today nonstop because I brought Monty over for a visit. She really likes Monty and she really likes me so we got the no-tail-curl-wiggle to the max!

Saber has a tail a lot like Olive’s only he’s bigger so his tail has more length and more weight. I imagine he knocks over a few glasses off of coffee tables at his house!

And when he got to go to the dog park with Olive, his tail was a helicopter. Olive’s too as they posed, chased, and frolicked with the other dogs.

The final dog of the day, Paige, doesn’t have tail either. Well, she has a nub of one and it wiggles, but it’s hard to see it wiggle because she’s always on the move! Always. It made Olive tired. Of course, I think what really made her tired was all the walking we do. And then Gretchen made her pose on a slope of a rock. It was a good thing Olive had a tail because she used it to prop herself up. Notice in the first picture of the blog though that Paige didn’t have a problem at all staying on the rock. Maybe she stuck her nub of a tail into the rock to hold herself up! You never know with Ms. Paige.

My tail is feathery and light. It wags and it twirls and it sometimes gets stuff stuck in it, which I don’t like very much, but I’m really good at pulling that stuff out. Still, I like my tail and though I wish it made a sound like Olive’s I’m just as happy for each and every day!

Until tomorrow,


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