November 19, 2010

Snow, Baby!

Okay, maybe I’m a bit premature, but on our walks today I saw snow in the mountains and I got all giddy. I know, most humans around here don’t get excited about the possibility of the white stuff, but since I don’t drive a car or really have to be anywhere anytime in particular, I find the snow thrilling! So, when I saw snow in the lowlands across the lake, I did a happy dance and crossed my paws that it would arrive closer to our home over the weekend.

Monty likes the snow, too. In the past, when the snow has blessed us, Monty and I have often gone out in it together. We usually head to the park down the road and then race and chase each other until the balls of ice and snow collect on our feet and our moms have to force us to go home and stand in a warm bath.

“Did you see what was in the mountains?” Monty asked me on our morning walk?

“Uh?” was my response because Gretchen had posed us on that crazy park that’s built out over the side of the hill with a slated grate as the “ground.” I do not like the view from up there so I was solely focused on the ground FAR below me. Monty didn’t care.

But when Gretchen moved us into the sun, I closed my eyes, soaked up the warmth and finally responded to his question, “Yep, there is snow in them thar hills. I can hardly wait for it to come down to us!”

“Or for us to drive up to it!” Monty added.

“Good idea!”

Gemma, too, was excited about the possibility of snow. She and Oshi and Perrito got to go play at the tennis courts and while Oshi wasn’t too excited about the growing chilly weather, he was excited about the possibility of snow! Perrito was just excited to chase Gemma!

The snow on the mountains (let’s look at a photo again)…

…didn’t catch Saber’s eye at all. When Gretchen posed us on the hill overlooking the lake and the mountains beyond, Saber hit the deck and started chewing on grass! And if that weren’t enough, Monty joined him! Good grief!! It’s nearly impossible to take a beautiful photograph with the mountains in the background when no one behaves.

In fact, it got kind of comical as Gretchen kept trying to get a photograph of Saber’s full face and Monty kept getting up and sniffing her head. Yep, that’s his ear acting like Saber’s wig. Geez you guys!

But eventually…

Well folks, it’s almost the weekend. Will there be snow in Seattle? Cross your paws!


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