October 29, 2010

The Forgotten Friday

I never intended to forget about Friday’s blog, but one thing led to the next and when I woke up this morning (Sunday) it hit me — I FORGET FRIDAY!

I guess my life has been busy of late what with walking dogs, helping around the house, and getting Gretchen out the door on time for her other job at the pool. Sometimes, I’ll admit, I feel like I’m chasing my own tail so I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on myself for forgetting things every now and then.

But oh, how I hate to forget telling my loyal following about the fun times I have with my canine friends. And I particularly hate missing Fridays because they are always a relief — having reached the end of a long work week — and this particular Friday was kind of nice because we didn’t get rained on (a common occurrence of late or so it seems).

So, my apologies to those of you who show up on this site and find only Thursday represented and my apologies to my Friday Friends who are just as special as the ones I see on Monday through Thursday.

As I’ve mentioned, this Friday was dry and for the beginning, incredibly sunny and beautiful. In fact, Monty and I (Monty was my first job of the day, though he’s no job at all) basked in the morning sun looking out over Lake Washington and to the snowy mountains to the east.

As you can see, the fall colors are still with us though the recent rain and wind have thinned those beautiful trees out a bit each day. After our walk, Monty and I had a lovely brunch at home while Gretchen took Gemma, Oshi, and Perrito out for their time in the sun.

As you can see, they were all on high alert. Gretchen’s not sure why, but she knows that Gemma is always on the look out for something or someone –dogs, people, squirrels, cats, rolling leaves — and Oshi is always looking out for the most direct route home and Perrito…well, he’s just interested in everything Gemma’s interested in or in what Gretchen might pull out of her pocket.

Still, it was a gorgeous day to be on the alert — crisp, blue, and surrounded by the golden colors of Autumn.

Oh, and did I mention how active the squirrels have been? It’s been amazingly fun to be on the lookout for squirrels as they scamper right in front of us testing their luck or race across the telephone wires and rattle the branches above our heads. I get all twitchy just thinking about it!

But I digress…

Friday…this Friday…was our last walk with Gertie or Gertrude if I’m being formal. She was fun to walk for this past month and I’m certain we’ll see her out on the streets in the future, but I must admit, I will miss her springy, bubbly self bounding along beside me.

I think Monty will miss her, too!

Have fun, Gertie, with your family and your trips to doggie daycare and don’t let those loud noises scare you, okay? Really, it will be alright. Just think of me and Monty if you feel nervous about anything, okay?

As you can see from the photos with Gertie, the sun disappeared for a bit, but don’t worry, it returned just in time for our walk with Saber. So up on the hill we went to the warmest, sunniest spot we could find. And what did Saber do? Found a stick and chewed on it!

But then Gretchen finally got his attention and we posed in the warmth of the Friday sun…ahhhhhhh!

Gretchen worked at the pool Friday night while I lounged around with Monty recounting the busy week and looking forward to a weekend of chores and games.

So, my apologies for forgetting this past Friday…I’d like to promise that it won’t happen again, but now that I’m older and wiser I know that most likely it will happen when life gets as busy as a dog chasing his tail.

Hope you are all having a glorious weekend!


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