October 26, 2010


There is amazing weird weather happening around these parts. First, the temperature dropped and finally, FINALLY the furnace at home kicked in. (I, for one, am very thankful!). Next, the wind blows like Harpies howling all night long and banging the trees against the house. And if the wind’s not blowing, the rain is pounding, coming down in huge drops that bounce off the back deck like popcorn.

But the weird observation of the day is that when it’s windy, it’s generally not raining and when it’s raining, it’s generally not windy. I’m not sure which I like more (or perhaps least) — the wind or the rain — but it’s clear they don’t like each other much because they’re rarely around at the same time.

On our first walk with Ollie, it rained. Ollie wore my old raincoat and I kind of, sort of wished I had mine on. It was wet, but more than that, it was cold and my curls ran a bit thin this morning!

Next up was Gertie and while it rained in the beginning of our walk, the wind picked up and whipped our curls about as we posed in the park on the cement “thrones”…

well, I sat on a throne…Gertie didn’t like the marble finish so she sat on the ground.

By the time we picked up Rosie, the rain was a mist and the wind was swirling and twirling and lifting the leaves across the pavement!

Rosie watched with interest…

…and when we got back to her house, she tried to hide from the wind in the back of our car. A side note: Rosie doesn’t like riding in the car, according to her owners, but when Gretchen went to put me in the car before taking Rosie home, Rosie jumped right in with me. The problem was trying to get her out! She wouldn’t budge, but when I left, Rosie followed and Gretchen and I had to chuckle. I guess that means that Rosie really likes me!

Originally, I wasn’t going to walk with Gemma and Saber, but Gretchen figured I was already wet and it would just as easy to wipe me dry when she wiped herself off at the end of the day, so Gemma, Saber, and I watched as the sky grew lighter, the wind kicked up and the rain stopped and then did all of that in reverse — the rain kicked up, the wind stopped, and the sky darkened…amazing.

Of course, none of it deter us when Gretchen asked, “Who wants a treat?”

I usually don’t mind the weather, but I have to say, I’m kind of glad that I’m home and dry and warm tonight. I sure hope all of you are, too!

Until tomorrow,


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