October 25, 2010

A Time of Detritus

I have written about detritus before, but that was in a metaphorical sense. Today it’s in a literal sense since the streets are covered with it. Take a look…

Of course, there were some signs of life among the dead stuff…

…but not very many. Yep, a week ago the leaves were full and orange and glowing from the trees and now all the orange and glow has crumpled and shriveled and been blown to the ground by the fierce, cold winds we’ve been experiencing. And today we tromped through all that crumpling as we walked through the neighborhoods, careful not to slip and fall.

The first walk was my own as Gretchen and I headed out to experience the Autumn chill before we headed off to work. I love walking other dogs, don’t get me wrong, but I have to say that having Gretchen all to myself is kind of a treat. I think she enjoyed it too.

But work called and Gretchen answered (I stayed home and ate my breakfast). First on the docket were Rosie and Tyson and they stood among the detritus and marveled at how quickly all the golden shimmer of the trees fell to the ground and created what is known as leaf litter (what an apt description, yes?).

I know they kind of look sad, but I think they’re just missing the warm sunshiny days of September. I know I am. They really weren’t sad. Nope. They were actually excited because it was kind of fun to kick through the downed leaves and keep a watchful eye out for those pesky squirrels who are scampering like crazy these days!

And not all the leaves have become detritus. Oshi, Perrito, and Gemma found a bush still blazing in red, though the wind was threatening to rip them all off today!

Luckily, Oshi and Perrito were dressed for the weather…

And Gemma, who was also bundled up, figured out that the best way to keep warm was to keep her ears down so the wind didn’t blow the chill right to her brain!

Gertie, Saber, and I did our best to stay dry. I know it’s hard to tell in this photo…

…but it was, as my Uncle Paul says, raining cats and well, more cats. Of course, Gertie and I are looking at each other saying, “What is Saber doing?”

And it turns out he could care less about the rain. He was just happy to eat dirt. Yep, that’s what he’s doing. Eating dirt!

I laughed out loud, but Gertie, she was astounded. “Why does he eat dirt?” she asked, but no one really had an answer for her!

But he ate it and then looked up before frumping his walrus-self to the ground, content and oblivious to all the rain!

And as you can see, the detritus of the boulevard isn’t as thick and rich as the detritus around our house, but still, the leaves are falling and winter is knocking at the door.

Until tomorrow,


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