October 22, 2010

And Just Like That…

…another week sweeps by me. What started out in sunshine and blue skies has ended in wet and gray. Good thing I got to swim in the lake yesterday because I don’t think I’ll be doing that again any time soon.

Humans have these expressions — like “time flies” — and as a puppy, I never quite understood. “Time flies,” Gretchen would say and I would respond, “Where?” Now I kind of get what she’s saying. I mean, here I am almost four years old and I’m not sure when all those days between 8 weeks and four years happened. Luckily, I have a photographic catalog of my life thanks to Gretchen and her persistent if not always welcome camera.

Still, there are days, like today, when I just want time to stop. Not for long, but long enough that I can revel in my friendship with Monty just a wee bit longer and look out over the park and see all those colors every single day…

…watch the short-legged romp of Oshi and Perrito in slower motion…

…hold Gemma still for one more moment…

…spend a bit more time with my new friend Gertie…(and find her eyes in there!)

…and catch and hold Saber’s goofy, happy grin for more than a click of the camera shutter. (We found this plastic dragon today and Saber tried his best to imitate it and then he tried to eat it!)

But time isn’t like that. At least, that’s what I’m learning. Time moves and while there are days when I tap my dog toes against the floor asking for a walk or hours when I am left to wonder who will come home first or dream-filled nights when the warm dent in my bed holds me perfectly — if I’m not paying attention, moments can slip by me.

Happy Weekend Everyone! I hope time slows a bit for all of us,


PS — I’m sending a Woof to my dear friend Ginger who hasn’t been feeling too well these days. I’m thinking of you, girlfriend!

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