October 15, 2010

I Can’t Say Enough

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and am really surprised by how much I’ve accomplished. Seriously. While some may say I’m just a dog, I’ve really done a lot in my short canine life that many dogs don’t get to do. I get to see one or more of my friends every day, I get to have doggie sleepovers every now and then, and I get a massage almost every night.

Not a bad life, eh?

And yes, I know I’m spoiled and I know that I’ve been really lucky to land into a family who really takes care of me. I guess that’s why I get really sad when I see (but mostly hear) dogs who don’t get out much. This happens a lot on our walks. We stroll by houses, big and small, where dogs, big and small, howl and woof and sound miserable behind their doors and fences. Sure, many of those dogs go out with their owners, but many of them do not.

Like yesterday. We passed a house we pass many times during the week and a large Golden Retriever charges the fences barking viciously at us. We know this dog never goes on walks because we’ve talked to the owner. She told us that the dog “lives in a big yard” as if that was enough and it made me very sad.

Sometimes we pass by houses where dogs are chained up and if Gretchen feels like the chain is too short or there’s no water or shelter, she’ll call the Humane Society and inform them. Of course, not much happens after the phone call because we still see those dogs chained up outside in all kinds of weather.

I try not to dwell on the miserable conditions I see some dogs living in. I try to focus my efforts on the dogs we spend time with and take joy in all the people who are out walking their dogs. Yesterday was so beautiful that we saw lots of dogs going out on a stroll with their owners and that made me very happy. Today wasn’t as nice, but still we see people bundled up (it’s getting colder), umbrellas in hand, wandering through their neighborhoods enjoying time with their canines. That makes me happy.

And when I see all of this — the good and the bad — it makes me really realize how lucky I am.

Of course, by Friday, I am ready for a little down time. My feet are tired, my legs need a rest, and my favorite round bed calls to me. I look forward to a weekend where I can just lounge with my moms and go out for walks not when work calls, but when I so desire.

But before any lounging could begin, we needed to work through today’s schedule, which began with Monty. Oh, and Woobie since Woobie is stay with us for a few days (yes, she’ll lounge with me this weekend…Woobie is very good at lounging!).

Our walk with Monty was rather chilly, but after a few miles we all warmed up and watched the sky for signs of blue sky. The weather report predicted some, and there they were bright and sort of warm this morning. We went for a long walk down by the lake and unfortunately, the sun sat over our left shoulders. Not a problem for me, but when Gretchen tries to take photos of dogs who have dark fur (like Monty and Woobie) and dogs with light hair (like me), well, someone is bound to be left out or, in this case, left in the dark. Today, that was Monty…of course, he has his head turned and he’s looking longingly at the water.

And then he turned his longing gaze to Woobie, who he really likes a lot. She put quite a spry spring in Monty’s step today!

Oshi and Perrito were next and if there is any dog I know who is good at lounging, it would be Oshi. I think Perrito is good at it, too, but he’s also good at romping, which frankly I find to be quite a good balance. Together they tried to lounge in the leaves, but were kind of stubborn about looking at the camera.

Next up was Gertie. Now the trick with one dog staying overnight with us is that that dog (in this case, Woobie) becomes part of our dog walking routine. It’s fun to share the responsibilities with another dog, but when Monty is here for the day as well, Gretchen has her hands full — four dogs, four leashes, and more than four bags of you know what to pick up (well, sometimes…not all the time) — it can be quite a job of wrangling. So she made a decision. She’d take us out again (Woobie, Monty and me) and then introduce Saber and Gertie.

So off we went for another nice walk though the skies weren’t as blue and there were other dogs about — which is what we’re fixated on in this photo!

And then Saber met Gertie. Oh my. Two young dogs in the sun and leaves. Gretchen said taking photos was a challenge. I can only imagine.

Yes, it was a full day and while I rested at home with my buddy Woobie, Gretchen headed off to the pool to be with a few more dogs. I can’t say it enough — I have a good life. A very good life.

Have a fantastic weekend,


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