October 14, 2010

The Angle of the Sun

Today I noticed that the sun was lower in the sky. It started this morning as Ollie and I walked around Seward Park. All the places where we like to pose for photos were in shade, which really isn’t how I remember them this summer. So I asked Gretchen, “Why is the sun sinking?”

She said: It’s not sinking, really, it’s just the angle of the sun in the sky in relationship to the earth’s rotation during the fall and winter. That’s why it’s getting darker earlier.

Ah, yes, darker earlier. There are many things I like about Autumn, but the getting darker part isn’t one of them. And while I like rain, the constant, continuous rain can sometimes get me down. Luckily today, it was sunny and warm and the rain that was predicted didn’t come until we were done with our work. Yes, it’s raining right now as I type and it’s not that gentle rain of spring or summer. It’s a hard, cold rain and as the skies grow darker, I’m lamenting the changing angle of the sun.

But I’m not going to lament for long because it was really a wonderful day, which started, as I’ve mentioned, with a walk around Seward Park with my buddy Ollie. We posed on the wall right by the lake and the sun, as you can see, warmed us. It felt so good, I just had to roll around and Ollie looked at me in disbelief. “Wow, Rubin, you’re being so disobedient. You never do that!”

“It’s the sun, buddy,” I told him. “It makes me do crazy things.”

“Crazy? I think you’re just being silly,” he laughed.

Our walk was really fun not just because it was sunny and warm, but also because I was feeling pretty good — my body is slowly healing and for that I am very grateful.

Next, I got to walk with Rosie again and that, too was fun because she was excited to see me. She wagged and danced and because she was so happy, I wagged and danced too.

We enjoyed the angle of the sun as it warmed not only us, but the glowing trees behind us!

Woobie was next on the docket, but it took a bit of maneuvering. You see, Woobie is spending the weekend with us so we had to load up her bed and food and then drop it all off at our house before heading over to Gertie’s house. Gertie has never met Woobie, but I knew the two of them would get along really well. After all, they’re kind of similar — Gertie is just a curly version of Woobie in many ways.

All of us enjoyed the sun’s angle from our various perches throughout our walk. And yes, once again I had to roll around and feel the sun on my belly.

Our final walk of the day was with Saber and while we walked in the sun for a majority of our time together, we did walk through Frink Park and posed in the shade where Saber did what Saber always does — chewed on sticks. We just watched and chuckled.

Now Woobie and I are getting ready to curl up on our beds and hang out for the evening. Woobie got on the computer and printed out more information on the earth’s changing rotation, which she’ll share with me soon. I’m doing what I can to convince Woobie that reading on my bed might be more comfortable, though really it’s just a ploy to be able to sleep on hers.

Until tomorrow,


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