October 11, 2010

National Going Out Day?

Did I hear that right? When was “going out” limited to a day? Humans celebrate some really interesting holidays.

I celebrated Monday, which happens to be a whole bunch of human celebration days — though I think some don’t celebrate them all. For instance, it’s Canadian Thanksgiving and World Rainforest Day (though I think it’s actually a whole week) and Indigenous Peoples’ Day and yes, National Going Out Day…oh wait, I guess it’s National Coming Out Day (I just looked at the calendar more closely…I wonder if I need glasses?)

Regardless, that’s a lot of “Day” celebrations so I decided to ask our clients today if they could celebrate something what would they call their day. Interesting responses below:

Rosie: National Treat Day (though she wanted to know if it could be a whole year of days…interesting idea).

Tyson: National Chasing Cats Day (I, for one, would celebrate that day!)

Oshi: National Sleeping In Day (preferably on a warm, soft couch in the sun)

Perrito: National Take Me For a Walk Day (you can see why it can be a challenge to walk them together with one wanting to sleep and the other wanting to walk!)

Gertie: National Bouncing Day (which, as I get to know her, should perhaps be named National Goofball Day because she’s very goofy…and bouncy!)

Alice: National Nervous Day (we thought it would be better since she was just walking with me today, but as you can see…still nervous!)

Gemma: National Terrier-ize Saber Day (They haven’t seen each other for awhile so the entire walk, Gemma gnawed at one body part or another of Saber’s — better him than me!)

Saber: National Find a Stick Day (Yep, that’s him crouched down in the picture above between us once again looking for a stick to chew on!)

Rubin (That’s me): National It’s Time to Let Me Play Fetch Day (I’m on week three of no fetch in hopes that my body parts completely heal up and IT’S KILLING ME!)

Gretchen: National Massage Day (where she gets a massage instead of gives them!)

What day would you like?

Until Tomorrow,


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