October 1, 2010

Something About October

Yes, September has whizzed by. Yes, September was odd in terms of weather and such, among other things. Yes, September is always hectic around our house, though not as hectic as when both Gretchen and Ann were teaching. Still, September is always a whirlwind of crazy so when October steps foot through the door, I’m more than ready for it.

I like October. I haven’t put my paw on exactly why, but I think it’s a combination of things. First, the air smells different (or is that differently?). It’s a combination of cool mornings, lifting fog, and a faint hint of ripening apples. Next, the temperature is just right. I know, I know — lately it’s been kind of wacky with too much rain, mugginess, and lots of wind. But today, the first day of October, was perfect, if you ask me. Fog in the morning, a gentle breeze, patches of blue, and those leaves all deciding it’s time to die.

And that’s perhaps what I love about October most of all — the colors. Of course, they weren’t perfect today — they won’t be for a few weeks — but they’re hinting at being beautiful. Gretchen doubts it this year. She says that they’re turning brown fast and a bit too early. She says that everyone is forecasting a wicked winter with lots of snow and the trees now are showing signs of it.

Not to sound like a teenager, but whatever. For me, it’s all pretty spectacular and I really, really love this time of the year. Yes, there is something definitely wonderful about October. And there’s definitely something wonderful about Fridays.

As you can tell from some of the photos above, it was a light dog walking day — an end to a light dog walking week. We needed the break, but we didn’t realize how much we needed the break until it happened. In fact, Gretchen ended up catching a cold, I ended up kind of stiff and sore and needing an osteopathic adjustment, and well, it was time for us to rest our legs a bit so we were happy that the week was light.

Today’s lightness included Oshi and Perrito who played in the grass at the big field. Well, Oshi played, rolling around like a silly dog while Perrito grunted and groaned and pushed the orange and blue ball around.

Then Monty and I walked Saber and sat in a park for a photo-op when I decided that Oshi had the right idea — rolling around on an October day was a exactly what was called for. Of course, that gave Saber permission to play with me, which kind of upset the photo shoot, but eventually (and I mean a long eventually) we all behaved.

Gretchen worked at the pool tonight and then came home to relax, but while she relaxed she massaged me some more and I have to admit, massages are a nice addition to this October!

Have a great weekend,


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