September 7, 2010

Don’t be fooled

This is the time of the year when it’s really easy to be fooled. Take this morning, for instance. I looked out the window and saw gray clouds and rain. By the time we headed out the door on our first walk of the day (with Oshi and Perrito) there was no longer any rain, but the gray clouds looked threatening.

Still, we headed over to the tennis courts because when it rains, they’re usually empty and we get to play!

Well, Oshi doesn’t play…

Gretchen walked Rosie and Tyson both today (not a usual event, but apparently they are on the schedule for the whole week, an hour each day!) and while I rested at home and then ventured through the many trails, even the gray clouds started to part!

Gretchen was so fooled by today’s weather she wore long pants and then, after she’d dropped off Rosie and Tyson and picked up Gemma, she swung by our house to change into her shorts. When I saw that I was pretty excited!

Gemma was really excited because she got to go see her old friend Ollie and by the time we got to his house, there was actual sunshine!! You can kind of see it as we posed in the shade of the trees, yes?

But the best part of the today’s fooling around was by the time we picked up Saber, it was warm enough to GO SWIMMING!

Of course, Saber went swimming after the ducks instead of the ball and while there was a moment of worry (“Will I have to go in after him?” Gretchen asked me) Saber spun around and headed to shore whereupon he dunked his own head. Silly dog!

Then we dried off on the bench before we headed home in the bright sunshine of the day.

As you can tell, neither of us wanted to head home. We wanted to hang out on the beach and play in the unexpected sunshine, but Gretchen had to go to work at the pool tonight so no extended play dates for me!

Still, I guess I should count my blessings because sometimes, as I know to well, the fooling can go in reverse. I could have woken up to sunshine and then been fooled into thinking the weather would be grand and end up in my dreaded raincoat! Let’s hope that doesn’t happen tomorrow.

Until then,


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