September 6, 2010

This is not what it appears to be…

I took today off. I’m not supposed to be walking dogs or taking photos of them and technically, I haven’t and I didn’t, but since we went away for the Labor Day weekend and since we flew out of here Friday night like Wendy and the Lost Boys out the window, I didn’t get a chance to post the blog on Friday. So I’m posting it today.

Technically then, I am not working. Right?

Not like anyone is going to pay me overtime now is it? In fact, I need to talk with Gretchen about my “cut” of the profits. She claims I eat them in my food or play with them whenever I get a new toy or bed. Hm, something feels fishy and since it’s Labor Day, I may have to protest about my “free” labor.

But I’ll save that until later because right now I should tell you about Friday.

Surprisingly, it was hot on Friday. Why that’s a surprise is because right now (the Monday following), it’s darn chilly and the rain has washed away pretty much any memory of summer. But I digress. Friday was warm. Warm enough, in fact, that Tyson, the first walk of the day got to go to the lake and swim. Clarification. Tyson doesn’t really swim, but since Gretchen didn’t know that she threw the ring-toy out a bit too far for Tyson who had to use his best problem-solving skills to figure out how to retrieve it.

As you can see, while Tyson used some clever moves, he ended up swimming to get the toy, which pleased Gretchen to no end because if he’d let it float without retrieving it, she’d have to wade in and get it. She was not at all prepared for that!

Gemma got to walk with Oshi and Perrito and while no one really wanted to look at the camera (there were little soccer players everywhere and all of them wanted to run and play with the kids and not pose for photos), eventually they all submitted to the will of the camera…sort of!

Monty was with me the whole day and we’d taken a long walk in the morning, before it got too warm, and then another walk with Saber which lead us first to the tennis courts…

…and then up to the Bradner Gardens where we dined with some children who were celebrating their last weekend of freedom before they were “forced” to go back to school. Only these kids weren’t worried at all about returning.

It was a short day, as you can tell, but still one I didn’t want to miss. And even though it’s taken me until today (technically a day off) to get this post done, I can now wash my paws of the obligation. Whew.

Until tomorrow,


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