September 30, 2010

Thursday’s Slumber

Hey, Rubin.

Rubin. Can you hear me? Hey buddy, are you still sleeping?


Huh, (yawn, stretch, yawn) yes? Did you want something Gretchen?

Yeah, bud, you haven’t written today’s blog yet.

I haven’t. Are you sure?

Yeah, I just checked. You didn’t write anything.

No pictures? No words? No tails?

Sorry, buddy. I know you’re tired tonight. Maybe we could wait until the morning.

No, I’m awake now, but give me a minute, will ya. I need to think of something to write about.

Long Paws…

Uh, Rubin?


Oh, boy. Maybe I should have a go at this…

Did you say something?

Oh good. You’re awake. I thought you’d fallen back to sleep and that I was going to have to write for you.

Step away from the computer, Gretchen. Give me that keyboard. I can handle this.

Sure thing, Rubes. I just didn’t want to disturb your slumber.

Well, consider it disturbed. Now where was I?

Trying to figure out what you wanted to write about.

Oh yeah. What day is it?

It’s Thursday, the last day of September.

Already? Wow. Why does it feel like Friday in the beginning of September?

Maybe because you’re tired.

Aren’t you tired?

Yes, but I didn’t have to spend the day at the groomer.

Oh right, that was today. I was wondering what that smell was.

What smell?

You know, the smell that smells like flowers and soap and a little bit like wet dog?

I think you smell great.

You have to think that. You paid for it all, but did you notice my nails? They really trimmed up my nails.

Yes, the did a nice job. I asked them to pay close attention to your nails.

Well, thank you. I kind of like them this way. Now, where was I?

You were trying to think about something to write about for today.

But I didn’t really work today at least, not until the afternoon. Most of the day I was at the groomer and you were walking dogs.

That’s true. I took you and Monty to the groomer and then picked up Woobie and headed south to walk with Ollie at Seward Park.

Whoa! You went to Seward Park? Without me?

Sorry, buddy, it’s just that Ollie lives so close and it was kind of a nice day and I thought the two of them would enjoy a walk around the park.

Did they?

Yes, but they really missed you. They kept asking, “Where’s Rubin again?”

Did you tell the truth?

Yes, why wouldn’t I?

Well, it’s the groomer and you’ve never really experienced it, but it can be a bit traumatic at the groomer.

Traumatic? I don’t think so.

How would you know? Have you ever had your anal glands expressed?

Is that appropriate blog conversation, Rubin?

Probably not, but until you’ve had that done, I don’t think you can know what you’re talking about when it comes to trauma and the groomer.

Okay, okay, but I didn’t tell Woobie and Ollie about the traumatic parts. I told them about the beautifying parts and dare I say, you do look stunning.

Thank you. I know it was time since we’re going to see Grandma and Grandpa soon and I always want to look my best.

I know they appreciate it.

So you walked Ollie and Woobie and I see you took some photos of them. Why do they look so serious?

I think it’s just Woobie who looks serious. Ollie’s looking for a treat.

Some things never change, but why was Woobie serious?

I told you, she missed you and it made her kind of sad.

Really? I don’t think Woobie gets sad, does she? She always does such a happy dance when we pick her up.

She did the happy dance today, too, but when she realized you weren’t in the car, she got a bit sad.

I’ll apologize to her when I see her next week, okay?

You’re so thoughtful.

Well, she is kind of special. But wait, why wasn’t Ollie sad that I wasn’t there?

He was enjoying Woobie’s company too much to really notice, I think.

I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Well, don’t dwell on it. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to see you next week all the same.

Yeah, he kind of lives in the thrilled state most of the time, doesn’t he?

Well said.

Then what happened?

Let’s see, I dropped Ollie off at his house and then I dropped Woobie off at hers. I ate some lunch and then picked up Saber.

How did he react to my not being there?

Well, you know how Saber bursts out the front door to see who’s waiting for him on the front steps?


He did that again today, but when he didn’t see you or anybody else waiting for him, he gave me that Saber look.

I know that look exactly. It’s the one that says, “Huh, what gives?”


Was he disappointed?

He was until I took him down to the lake for a swim.

Oh man, I miss all the fun!

I know, but I promise we’ll swim again soon.

Did you play fetch in the water?


Did Saber go out and get the ball every time?

Funny you should ask. Sometimes he did, but other times he’d forget that the ball was thrown and I’d have to remind him.

I can just see him. He gets that look on his face, the one that says, “Am I supposed to be doing something here?”

Yes, and then he’d get the ball, bring it back just out of my reach, drop it in the water, and then forget where he put it.

You didn’t laugh out loud at him, did you?

No, I know better than that, but it was pretty funny.

And did he lie down in the lake?

Yes he did!

And did he flop down on the grass and ask you, “What are we going to do next, huh? Huh? Huh?”

Yes he did!

And did he eat his snack with his slobbery, wet tongue and then shake his wet body all over you?

Are you sure you weren’t there?

Nope. I definitely was not. I was getting my ears plucked!

They look nice, though.

Thanks. Then what happened.

Well, then I showed up at the groomers to get you and Monty and you wiggled and whined your excitement and Monty pranced around the shop and I paid the bill and we finally made it out the door where you both lifted your legs high and peed for a really long time.

It feels so good.

Okay, sorry. Let’s not go there.

And then we got to go walk with Paige.

Yes, that was a workout.

Probably more for you than for me.

So true.

Monty’s kind of infatuated with Paige, isn’t he?


Was it hard to walk him when all he wanted to do was be next to Paige smelling her ears?

That’s not all he wanted to smell, let me tell you!

Ewwww, I don’t want to know.

Well, you asked.

But I think Paige likes me best.

I think you’re right, but don’t let Monty know.

Why do you think she likes me so much?

Probably because you adore her from afar.

Whereas Monty adores her with his nose right in her…

Don’t finish that sentence!!!

Okay, okay, okay. It’s just that sometimes Monty doesn’t know when to keep his business out of someone else’s business.

Very true. Luckily, Paige was fairly tolerant.

She is pretty.

Yes, but notice how she imitates you and keeps her distance from Monty?

Wow, I never noticed that before.

Does reviewing the day help you understand why you’re so tired tonight?

Sort of, but it looks to me like you’re the one who did most of the work.

That’s true, buddy, and I’m mighty tired tonight, too.

Hey, Gretchen?


I hate to tell you this, but it’s not Friday yet.


Maybe we should go to bed and rest up for the last day of the week…

…and the first day of October. Sounds like a plan Rubin. But I have one more question…Rubin? Buddy?


Until tomorrow,

Rubin (as signed by Gretchen)

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