September 29, 2010

Standing in one place

Today was unexpected. I got to walk with Monty and his Mom, which isn’t a typical Wednesday, but it was a pleasant gift. Then Gretchen and I got in the car and headed in the direction of one of my favorite parks, but did we end up there? Nope, we ended up at the vet’s office only it wasn’t the same vet I’ve been seeing during my short, sweet life.

Still, it was a vet’s office — smelled like one, looked like one, and everyone who worked there looked at me and tried to reassure me that they were all nice. I’ve heard that before and the second you trust them, they’re putting a thermometer in places where it shouldn’t go, sticking you with sharp objects, and trying to feed you treats all the while.

I wasn’t buying it. In fact, I even barked at one of the vets because I wanted them to know that I knew the deceptive game they liked to play. “Yeah, the jig is up,” I woofed loudly, “Your sweet voice and pocket full of (tasty) treats can’t fool this doodle!”

We got escorted into the back room (always the back room!) and there we waited for the doctor. We didn’t wait long until she came in and she, too was all sugar and spice. I still wasn’t buying it. I didn’t bark at her, but instead obediently laid between Gretchen’s outstretched legs on the floor while this doctor asked to touch my bottom.

“Huh?” I looked at Gretchen for guidance. “Does she have a needle in her pocket?”

Gretchen stroked my head and said, “This is going to be very different, Rubin, trust me. Just hold still.”

Holding still is something I’m not typically good at unless Gretchen has out her camera, then I’m a champion of holding still. That’s because I know that the sooner she’s done, the sooner I’ll get a treat and the sooner we’ll be on our way to find squirrels and cats and perhaps play some fetch. Holding still at the vet’s office isn’t my forte, but I did my best.

For the next hour, Gretchen stroked my head while this doctor worked her hands up my back, across my shoulders, down my legs, up my neck, and even worked around on my jaw. At first I reluctantly let her touch me, curled as tightly into Gretchen’s legs as I could get, but as the vet worked, I felt my body relaxing despite my better judgment. By the time she got to the middle of my back, I was sighing deeply. By the end of the session, I hate to admit it, but I was asleep.

No needles. No thermometers. No squirts of liquid up my nose. It was like a massage only different. My aches and pains felt much better and my tail lifted for a gentle wag of thanks to the doctor with the magic hands. I was a tad bit nervous still when we left the back room, but not as much when we first walked in.

After we left, I was pretty tired so I stayed home to rest while Gretchen went out with the clients of the day. As I’ve mentioned, this is a light dog walking week (good thing because we’ve both needed a lighter schedule of late) so she could literally take care of the dogs in one outing. Of course, in the middle of the outing, she came by to check on me and I must admit, I was happy to see her.

The day was starting to warm up and I really needed to stretch my legs so I put on my leash, sat on the porch with my pals (Oshi, Perrito, and Saber) and laughed at how comical we appeared. As I’ve mentioned, after years of being a dog dog walker, and most likely because of my calm and relaxing session at the osteopath (that’s the kind of doctor I saw), I’ve learned to hold my position whenever Gretchen takes out the camera. I did so this afternoon, waiting patiently with my pals for the final click of the camera’s shutter.

When we got home this afternoon to download the photos, the series of photographs made me giggle. As you can see, I’m the only one who is standing in one position while everyone else around me squirms and wiggles, smells the ground, or lifts their noses to the air to pick up the scent from the burger joint down the street.

Take a look and see if you don’t giggle…

See what I mean? I’m like a statue! If only the doctor I barked at could see how well behaved I am around my friends. But I’ll make my apologies next week when I go back for another series of adjustments. Sure hope they keep the needles and thermometers away like they did this time!

Until tomorrow,


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