September 28, 2010

“If you channel the wind and put it in a song, it will carry us all…”

by Chris and Thomas

In the mornings, we often listen to music. Sometimes it’s from our own personal music collection, but often we listen to Pandora Radio because it introduces us to new songs. This was the case this morning when a song by Chris and Thomas (yeah, that’s the name of the group) got stuck in my head. It was about how the wind is sort of musical, playful, and special. Ironically, we spent the morning walking in the wind and this song just kept sweeping through my curls for most of the morning.

I sang it to Ollie and eventually he sang along with me as we walked down to the water and Gretchen refused to let us go swimming. I was bummed, but then I just kept humming the song (which is title “Horse in the Sky”) and it not only made the rain go away, it made my disappointment about not going swimming go away.

"Gee, the water looks inviting!"
"Why can't we go swimming?"
"Wind and rain? I don't feel it, do you Ollie?"

It was another of those light days today. I never realized how much I needed a break until I actually got one. Looking at the calendar made me realize the whole week is pretty light. Gretchen says this is a good thing since I’m a little kinked up with all the walking and playing I do. I hear rumors that I’m off to the vet office tomorrow for an “adjustment.” I have no idea what that’s about, but I’m sure you’ll read about it tomorrow.

Meanwhile we had two walks today starting with Ollie, as I’ve mentioned, and ending with Saber. Saber and I got a long walk down the lake as well though it was the other part of the lake and we went down there through the various parks. Once again we did our best to get Saber to pose, but he was much more fascinated by the possibility of a stick somewhere in the underbrush below him.

"Saber, look at the camera, then we'll get a stick!"

"But Rubin, there's a really juicy one right here!"
"Wouldn't you rather have a treat first, Saber and then the stick?"
"Did you say treat?"


But in between the walk with Ollie and the one with Saber, I got a very short meet and greet with Gertrude, or Gerty, as she’s known. No photos because we’re gonna wait until she’s a regular part of our schedule, but trust me, she’s a cutie. I’m looking forward to those walks starting next week. Of course, that’s when our schedule gets a bit more involved so I best take the time now to really rest up and relax.

Until tomorrow,


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