September 2, 2010

Funny Faces

These past two years, as a dog dog walker, I’ve learned a lot, but perhaps the biggest thing I’ve learned is how to pose for a photo. Gretchen takes way too many photographs during the day and when she uploads them onto the computer, I laugh because there are a lot of funny photos. Lots of them.

Today was no exception. We started with a morning walk at Seward Park with Ollie and Gretchen tried desperately to get us sit patiently in front of the lake with Mt. Rainier in the background. I sat patiently, but she had to snap quite a few before she got Ollie behaving.

And then later, as we wandered through the trails at Seward Park, she tried again to get us posing in the woods. We kept hearing noises in the trees, so both of us had a hard time focusing on the posing.

Gretchen walked Rosie after that and they played treat fetch at the little, little field — the place where I first learned to play fetch — and Rosie struck a pose numerous times for Gretchen’s camera.

Before I go on, though, I want to stop and make sure everyone sends out special thoughts for Rosie tomorrow as she goes to the vet to get something checked out as well as to have some lumps removed (and her teeth cleaned). We want to make sure everything comes out well for her, so keep her in mind tomorrow, okay? We’re thinking of you Rosie!

Gemma was next and she’s not very good at striking a pose though when she does, she’s pretty cute. Same with Woobie and when the three of us behave, we’re all three pretty cute!

Saber came over to our house after a walk with Woobie. Saber and I love to play, but Woobie is pretty reserved. So reserved, in fact, I bet you can’t see her in this photo…

…trust me, she’s there!

Meanwhile, Saber and I played tug and wrestled and he barked at me a lot, especially when I had the tug toy, but I wasn’t about to give it up!

The day ended where it began — on a walk at Seward Park — but this time with Paige! We went swimming and then struck a pose by the lake…

…and then went hunting walking on the trails. When Gretchen posed us on the log for our last photos, both Paige and I were very distracted by the sounds in the woods! “What’s that?” “Did you see that?” “What’s that sound, Paige!”

And then Paige and I hung out in the backyard where we practiced our poses and Gretchen took photos of the finally ripening tomatoes!

Before I sign off, a heads up to everyone that we’re going to post our Friday blog on Monday. Sorry about the delay, but there’ll be no time to spin a yarn tomorrow =-)

Until then,


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