September 17, 2010

Summer’s Last Friday

I suppose the title of this blog says it all – summer is coming to an end. Around these parts, it’s coming to a weird end with lots of rain and mugginess. Luckily, we missed most of the rain, which came down like a waterfall right when we hung up the last leash. Whew! It’s always a good feeling to curl up in my bed after a hard day of work and hear the rain patter on the roof.

For a Friday we were pretty busy. First, Monty and I walked around the neighborhood trying to predict the weather for the day. “Looks like rain,” Monty astutely surmised.

“Ya, think?” I said sarcastically.

“Hey!” Monty laughed, “I’m just thinking out loud, buddy.”

“Careful,” I chuckled. “That can be dangerous.”

“What? What can be dangerous?”

“Thinking out loud,” I smiled.

“It’s a good thing you’re a good friend, Rubin,” Monty chided me, “Or I’d have to put you in your place.”

“What would that look like?” I asked.

“You don’t want to know, little man, you don’t want to know!”

Of course, Monty was just joking with me. Our friendship is tight and there’s know way he’d ever hurt me. He’s a good guy that Monty and I told him so, “You’re the best, Monty!” And he smiled that Monty smile…

And on we went, sniffing the wet grass and feeling the warm air against our curly ears.

We dried off and rested while Gretchen took the siblings out. The first siblings were Rosie and Tyson and they got to play at the tennis courts, though it looked like Tyson was practicing his yoga moves and Rosie was working on her runway smile.

Then they went for a walk and at the end (sort of) they posed with the fall colors in the background. Yep, all the signs are there — summer is over.

The next siblings were Oshi and Perrito. Because they’re such small dogs, they tend to act more like sponges when they walk in wet weather, but luckily, the rain took a breather and the boys got to pose against the red shrubs of the park. Oshi found it kind of boring…but then, that’s Oshi!

Monty and I went out again with Gemma who doesn’t seem to notice the weather much. She charges down her front steps thrilled to be going on an adventure with her two boys (Monty and me). The first stop was on the grate overlooking the city. Man, I hate that place. It’s high up and the grate beneath our feet gives me full view of just how far I have to fall! Gemma wasn’t so thrilled about it either!

What was thrilling was when we ended up at the tennis courts ourselves and got to play some fetch.

And perhaps the most thrilling (at least for Gemma) was when Kona showed up (a 10-month-old Goldendoodle) and the two of them raced and romped while Monty and I went about our fetching business.

The day ended with a walk with Saber. We had to stop by the house briefly where we posed on the front step. Saber LOVES coming to our house and was a bit miffed that he didn’t get to play in the backyard with me, but he got over it when we went for a long walk and posed at the bench in front of the changing colors.

It was a lazy afternoon since Gretchen went off to work at the pool and I got to snuggle into my bed as the rain battered the house. I guess it’s time to say “Goodbye summer. I sure hope to see you next year!”

Have a great weekend…stay dry!


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