September 15, 2010

Photo Shoot

Man, did we ever take a lot of photos today. Not sure why that happened, but when I was uploading them to the blog, there were over 200 shots and most of them weren’t of me. I’m not complaining. Gretchen takes a lot of photos of me and it’s kind of embarrassing, but I was certainly surprised when the photos flashed across the screen and I got to see how much fun everyone had today.

Yes, I had fun too. And yes, I know I’m one lucky puppy. I was just amazed that the camera did so much work today. Of course, we culled through them and chose only 35 photos from the lot, which is still a bundle, but much more doable than 200!

The day started with Monty and we went for a long walk to our secret trail where Gretchen let us both off leash. This is where I like to bust a move and I went after Monty doing my best to get him going. He played for a bit, but mostly he posed for the camera.

He’s kind of a ham that way.

I guess I am, too.

Now this is where it gets confusing because I knew Gretchen went off to walk Oshi and Perrito and she got some nice fall shots of them and of the changing leaves…

…but who the heck are these dogs?

Oh wait…that’s Josie! And her new puppy Dug…but the black dog?

Gretchen just informed me that Josie and Dug are dog sitting and the black dog is Lucky who Dug likes very, very much!

I’m beginning to see why there were 200 photos on the camera (smile!)

Rosie got the short shrift. She neither got to go to the dog park nor get a ton of photos taken of her, but she had a great time posing. It’s taken awhile to get her comfortable with the camera, but after months of practice, it looks like she’s got it!

From the photos I can tell that Gemma and Saber got a special treat today. They got to go to Luther Burbank off leash park and there they met lots and lots of new doggie friends…

I’m surprised Gretchen didn’t take more than 200 photos!!!

I would have been jealous about missing the dog park, but I didn’t mind when I realized that Monty and I got to go on a walk with Paige. Now, if you remember from last week, Paige caught a rat on our walk. While it scared me half to death, it also impressed me so when we headed out on the same walk this week, I kept nudging Monty and saying, “Watch her very closely. You never know what she’ll chase out of the bushes!”

Monty was impressed not because she caught anything (she didn’t, she just flushed out some pigeons on our walk and then barked at them when they sought refuge on a telephone wire), but Monty was impressed because, well, because Paige is very impressive. I know, I know, you’re all thinking she’s a big mean protective guard dog, but trust me, she’s just dressed like that. Paige is actually a sweet, sensitive, and gentle peach of a dog who is, in fact, quite shy.

It’s kind of ironic because when people see me…all poodle-like and fluffy — they want to pet me on the top of my curly head. I’m not a fan of that so when they reach for me, I back away and 9 times out of 10 they’re disappointed. Monty just stands there and lets them. And Paige? Well, most of the time people don’t want to pet her because they believe the myth that she’s a tough guard dog, but today when we passed a little kid waiting for the bus, Paige really wanted him to pet her so she stuck her nose right in the middle of the action and the little boy gently petted her big-eared head.

Not to be left out (and also, I suspect to be closer to Paige), Monty stuck his nose in the middle of the petting action as well.

Unfortunately, Gretchen didn’t have her camera out to capture the tender moment and even if she did, I’m not sure we could have put one more photo on today’s blog! It’s packed!

Until tomorrow,


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