August 27, 2010

I Found It!

I was worried the yesterday that I’d missed September. Thursday felt more like October and less like the end of August then I’d ever known in my 3 and a half short years. It was worrisome. But today, all felt right with the world. August’s warmth returned, but with September humming all around its edges. I sighed with relief because if you didn’t know by my post yesterday, I really like September. I like October, too, but September has sort of a special place in my heart. I don’t really know why, but it does.

Our day was full, but not too full, which gave me time to really enjoy the final days of August and contemplate the fun I’ll have in September. Our walks started with Monty and as we strolled through the park, up on the hill, and through the gardens I felt content. That’s when it struck me that September feels like contentment — that all is right in the world because the seasons are shifting and Mother Nature is in control.

I like knowing she’s in charge because sometimes humans need to be reminded. Sometimes humans think they have complete control and they need some subtle (and not so subtle) nudges. September is a nice nudge, letting humans know that all those hot days are in the past, the earth is spinning, and seasons will bring rain and wind, snow (I hope so) and chilly temperatures and then spin back around to bring green and warmth, gentle showers and bluer skies.

But I digress. Monty and I enjoyed our walk and rested (after a nice brunch) while Gretchen walked Rosie and Tyson. The nice thing about cooler weather is that the tennis courts are open and boy, Tyson and Rosie were each pleased about that!

Gemma kind of reminds me of autumn (must be her amber coat) though I’m not sure she pays any attention to the weather. She walked with Oshi and Perrito and as you can see by the photos, Gemma is always scanning the horizon for activity (read trouble) while Perrito is focused on Gemma and Oshi is focused on home. For Oshi, the changing seasons means curling up under the covers for a longer time each morning.

Gemma came by to play a bit with me and Monty. I wasn’t into playing much, but boy Monty was! I let them chase me or at least try to find me to chase me and then Gemma and Monty romped while I watched and laughed.

After we took Gemma home, Monty and I got to play some fetch. We’d played on Wednesday, too, but the weather was a lot warmer then and it was hard to sustain the romp. Mostly we just hung out in the shade. Today we played hard, though mostly Gretchen took photos of us hanging out in the shade, which is equally as fun as chasing after the ball.

It’s great to be off leash!

We picked up Saber then and he helped me walk Monty back to our house. Monty’s slowing down a bit as he gets older so he needs to rest a bit more. So we walked the long way home and while Monty rested, Saber and I played in the pool and wrestled on the lawn.

I took Saber home after that and then Gretchen walked Monty home because she is working tonight at the pool. Me? I’m resting and keeping my nose in the air for the scent of sweet September.

Have a great weekend,


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