August 26, 2010

Did I Miss September?

Yesterday it was 83 degrees. That was the high and boy, was I hot! Today, it was 63 degrees, barely. That’s 20 degrees difference. Did I miss something here? Usually, as the kids prepare to go back to school and August wanes, September follows with all those children in their new clothes and their new school supplies scurrying across the playground and heading into their new classrooms.

But today, there were ominous clouds in the sky, much much colder temperatures, and rain. Plus there weren’t any kids anywhere and that’s when I turned to Gretchen and asked, “Did I miss September?”

She smiled and said, “No buddy, we’ve just had a huge weather change.”

Huge? I should say so. One minute I can only think about swimming in the lake and the next I just want to curl up on my bed and have a blanket thrown over me. I’m glad, though, that I haven’t missed September because it’s one of the nicest months in Seattle. When I think of September I think of blue…you know that blue sky that burns your eyes it’s so blue? When I think of September I think of cool mornings and warm afternoons. When I think of September, I think of yellowing edges to leaves and the smell of something fruity — apples and grapes and something I can’t quite put my nose on. When I think of September…

Rubin stop! It’s still August. I don’t want to think about September for at least another week.

Oh sorry, Gretchen. I guess I got carried away.

I would say so.

Okay, so let me focus on this day of August…one of the last days until September…


Yeah, right. Today was less vigorous (and less hot!) than yesterday. We had 8 dogs yesterday to today’s 4 and that means it wasn’t as exhausting nor quite as fun.

Really? It was less fun today?

Well, I guess I like to be busy and it wasn’t as busy today.

But you went a nice long walk with Ollie, got bumped around by Gemma and Saber, and if that wasn’t enough, I took you out for a game of fetch.

Does it sound like I’m complaining?

A little bit. I just didn’t want the dogs you we saw today to feel like it wasn’t as fun as yesterday.

Maybe the word for it isn’t “fun” but rather “lively.” Yesterday was more lively than today.

Okay. I suppose that sounds better.

And it was nice to have a break from so many walks.

I have to agree. My feet are tired.

Mine, too.

So on with it?

Okay, on with it. First up was Ollie and as usual, he was thrilled to see us. We walked down by the lake, then up the big stairs…

…and then stopped at a sweet little waterfall where Ollie accidentally dipped his tail in!

Then I got to spend some silly time with Rosie.

It looks like you played cookie fetch again!

Yep, and as you can tell, she LOVED it!

The best part was that later, when you and I played fetch on the same field, I found the cookies she didn’t find!

I’m always surprised when she doesn’t find them…she’s always searching so hard for them!

Maybe she left them for me on purpose.


And then there’s Gemma and Saber.

Those two are a workout!

For both of us!

But you have to admit they’re kind of cute.

Kind of, but sometimes it’s easier if we walk one and then the other. Remember how many times those leashes got tangled?

True, but they enjoy each other so much that it’s hard to keep them separate.

Ain’t that the truth. It was nearly impossible to keep them separate today!

But you had fun, yes?

Yes, I had fun, but I really had fun playing fetch.

And I really had fun walking in the cooler weather.

When IS September coming?

Six more days, Rubin, just six more days.

Make sure I don’t miss it, okay? I love September!

Until tomorrow,


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