August 23, 2010

The View From Here

There are days when the views around here just take my breath away. Today was one of those days. We had rain this weekend and while many moan and groan about rain, it does one thing very well– cleans the air.

Clean air means great views of the mountains, of the city, of the gardens and parks and all the great places where we live.

When this kind of weather rolls around (cool in the mornings, warm in the afternoons), a big smile races across my face. I just know that on our walks, the views will be spectacular. All of our dog walking clients noticed the views as well, so though we don’t have a ton of photos today, you’ll notice that everyone is paying attention to the view.

First up, Rosie and Tyson and while Tyson knew to look at the camera, Rosie kept trying to get him to look over his shoulder at the Cascades, the lake, and Mt. Rainier.

“Hey Tyson,” said Rosie, “If I look this way, all I see is grass!”

“Yeah, but Rosie,” said Tyson, “If we look at the camera, we always, and I mean ALWAYS, get a treat!”

“Good point!”

While it looks like Perrito is the only one looking at the view behind us, Gemma and I are actually scoping out the view over Gretchen’s shoulder. Okay, so it’s not a view of the mountains or of water or even of a garden. Nope, we were watching three dogs playing fetch in the field. Perrito, meanwhile, is checking out the view of the open field behind us — the open field he LOVES to run in — and Oshi, well, he’s doing what Oshi always does — he’s figuring out the shortest route back home!

By the time Saber and I went for a walk, the view of the city was pretty amazing. So amazing, we both had to check it out!

But then, with the promise of snacks, we posed both sitting…

and lying down…

And yes, we got some treats for being so well behaved.

Tomorrow’s weather promises much of the same. Hopefully we’ll actually get shots of all the beautiful things we’re viewing!

Until then,


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