August 16, 2010

"Feels like another hot one, Gretchen!"

Going Slowly

There’s record-breaking heat all across the country and while everyone seems to be focused on the East Coast, Seattle is getting its fair share of hot, hot weather. So hot that the only way to survive as a dog dog walker is to go slowly.

That’s exactly what we did today though we also employed some other strategies. For instance, on my own personal walk this morning, Gretchen got up early so we could walk in the relatively cool air of the morning. We’ve also been heading to the lake where we both take a swim, which is the most refreshing way to begin a hot day that I can think of!

But our schedule doesn’t always allow early morning walks or trips to the lake. Some dogs have to be walked later in the day and unfortunately, in the heat, but we do what we can to keep them cool. First up today were Rosie and Tyson. Luckily, they were first on the docket so they didn’t have to walk in the real heat. Still, it was warm so Gretchen took a route that guaranteed nice patches of shade and rests under big trees. Rosie and Tyson really appreciated it!

With Gemma we had enough time to head to the lake, which I really appreciated and while I think Gemma liked it, she’s kind of funny about the water. When we arrive, she walks right in and refuses to come out, but she doesn’t ever swim. Well, that’s not exactly true — she wades out until all of the sudden she’s floating and then she panics a bit and splashes back to shore.

Meanwhile, I swim out and fetch the ball that she has no interest in retrieving and Gemma watches in awe.

Since I had a play date with my friend Ben and his cousin, Bailey at their outdoor pool later in the afaternoon, I didn’t go on the next walk with Saber and Alice.

Yep, Saber and Alice walked together without me. Gretchen said it all went well though Alice was a tad bit hesitant to walk anywhere near jolly Saber until about halfway through the walk.

Of course during the photo time, it was almost impossible to get Alice to sit next to Saber because, as you know, Saber has a hard time sitting or lying in one place for very long. His fidgeting makes her kind of nervous…

But then they met a nice young man, who loved petting Saber…

…and who helped them pose for their “lie down” photo!

Alice didn’t seem to notice the heat much, but Saber drank a bowl of water at the end of the walk and when he got home, flopped onto the cool floor panting heavily. I may have to take him to the lake tomorrow!

Until then…hope you all survive the heat!


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