July 9, 2010

The Slow Walk

The heat did not really subside today, but there’s not much one can do about it except walk slowly. And that’s exactly what we did today — the slow walk of summer.

The first was with Monty and while the heat of the day had yet to reach it’s pinnacle, we were panting our way down to the lake for a morning dip in the cool, cool waters. No photos unfortunately as Gretchen didn’t want to carry her backpack in the heat if she didn’t have to, but trust me, we had a wonderfully good time!

Her next walk was with Rosie and Tyson and just like Monty and me, they walked slowly. They didn’t head to the lake, though. Nope, the walk was so slow they pretty much just meandered around the neighborhood finding shade (and flowers) where they could.

Gemma was next and even she walked slowly today. They picked up Oshi and Perrito who are often known to walk at their own speed, but today’s was particularly sluggish. They too sought out shady benches where they could pant and rest and pant some more.

Gemma stopped by to roll around with me in the backyard AFTER a lounge in the freshly filled kiddie pool. Gemma’s not much of a swimmer, but she sure loves to lie in the water! Monty just likes to get his feet wet!

Then Monty watched from his shady spot near Gretchen as we played in the shade under the tree.

Meanwhile, Ann brought lunch and we all just relaxed as best we could in the heat of the day.

Relaxing was hard to do, though because those sandwiches smelled particularly delicious. I wonder how cute we would have had to look to get some?

There was one more dog to walk, but since my life has been jam-packed with lots of swimming and activity, I got to rest at home with Monty while Gretchen took Saber down to the lake. While they didn’t walk as slowly as most of the dogs (they were headed to the lake after all), on the way back Saber was a little less rambunctious though extremely happy about his adventure in the lake.

He needs to practice, though, on retrieving the ball from the water! Silly guy!

It’s cooler now and Gretchen says she feels great after her shift at the hydrotherapy pool where the water is “just right!” I’ve taken a few more dips in the pool, eaten the grilled asparagus that’s fallen off the barbecue, and opened the front door to our overnight stay guest — Quillette. Life is busy around here, but luckily it’s the weekend and we’ll all get some rest!

Have a good one,


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