July 8, 2010

How to stay cool in 94 degree heat…

As predicted, the temperatures soared to record heights again today and so Gretchen and I spent the morning trying to figure out how to keep cool. Actually, I didn’t really want to go to work today because it felt so wonderful to be splayed out in front of the cool fan this morning. My paws kind of ached thinking of the hot pavement I’d have to walk on and my tongue was tired remembering how much I panted when the temperatures were just in the 80s.

But duty calls and so we sat this morning over our respective breakfasts and came up with a list of how to stay cool in 94 degree heat — the predicted high.

1. Find Shade

Finding shade was particularly important for Rosie since she is not a big fan of going into water (like I am). So on their walk, Gretchen walked along the shady sides of the streets, meandered through the park (because Rosie doesn’t like to move too fast in the heat either) under the trees, and then they both took a rest under the shade of a big, big tree. Rosie was extremely appreciative. She even took a drink of water from the canister Gretchen carried with her!

2. Drive to water.

Luckily, we do not live in some landlocked state where there is no access to rivers or lakes or even the sea. We live in a place where we can pick up a dog — Ollie in this case — and transport him within minutes down to the Park that sits almost in the middle of a lake. Ollie, not particularly fond of swimming, decided it was hot enough today to take the plunge only he’s not as adept at fetching the ball as I am! Still, he dunked in and then we walked around the shady trails of the park incorporating #1 in our #2 on the list!

3. When there is no water to be found, make some.

One of the best toys my moms bought for me was a kiddie pool. I can’t tell you how many times it’s saved my life. And when it’s too hot to walk (as it was with Gemma and Saber) a pool party at our house is just the thing!

And we even invited the neighbor’s and their dogs — Oshi and Perrito — for a cool dip (though forced upon them) in the pool and a rest in the shade.

4. When you’ve used up all your lifelines, phone a friend.

When it gets this hot, I know of only one place even better than the lake — Ben’s House! Ben is so lucky because he has a pool in his backyard. An unheated pool and while this might seem like a silly investment in the winter months, when it gets this hot, I can think of no place I’d rather be!! And the babies agreed! Thanks Doris and Steven for sharing the pool! And Ben, for sharing your special red ball! Are you sure I can’t take it home?

Tomorrow will be hot, though they (whoever they are) promise it won’t be as hot as today. If they aren’t right, I may have to extend my list on how to stay cool. Stay tuned!

Until then,


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