July 2, 2010


I have my anxieties. When I get particularly excited or nervous or uncertain I can become quite anxious. One of the things that makes me the most anxious is when I see bags being packed and positioned by the front door. Gretchen always tells me that I shouldn’t worry because the one thing that is always by the front door with the bags is my bed. “Would we travel with your bed and NOT take you?”

I suppose not, but when the packing begins I can feel my anxiety levels rise. Usually, Gretchen packs me into the car first and then packs in all the bags and detritus of our trip. That calms me a little, but until we’re on the road and about 15 minutes out of town, it’s only then that I can take a deep breath and be assured that I am indeed on my way to a family destination.

The reason I bring this up is that slowly I’m beginning to see all of those things we usually take on a trip — luggage, food (mostly mine), toys (mostly mine), and this odd assortment of shoes (mostly theirs) and rain gear (definitely NOT mine). I’m doing my best to stay relaxed, but I’m also making certain that everyone knows I’m close by just in case they accidentally forget me.

Where we’re headed I never really know until we get within a mile or so of our destination. Then I can smell it. I pop up in the back of the car at the turn off to Grandma and Grandpa’s, I give a little whine as we approach our friends’ cabin on the river, and when we drive to Oregon to see my Uncle Paul and Aunt Patti, I can feel my heart race as we head up the long, steep hill to their house overlooking the Willamette Valley. I’ve heard rumors that we might be heading up that hill this weekend, but until I smell the walnut trees and grapevines, the horse farms and oat fields I won’t commit to excitement.

I’ll let you know where all this packing takes us once I find out!

But before then I must work though today it didn’t feel much like work. We had a slow day, which as a nice refrain from all the work we’ve been doing. Quillette has been with us for two nights now, but she heads to her next house tonight. Still, it was fun to get up, head up the street, pick up Monty and talk a nice walk this morning — just like old times. The three of us have been friends my entire life and whenever I’m feeling anxious, these two can calm me down!

You’d think Oshi and Perrito would be a bit anxious these days what with a new baby in the house, but frankly they seem pretty calm and relaxed. They got to walk with Gemma today who is anything but calm and relaxed. I think she is when she’s home with her family, but when she sees us coming she gets really excited and that puts her on high alert.

Gemma got to play with Monty and me, too, which made her very happy!

The day ended with Saber who doesn’t appear to have an anxious bone in his body. He gets excited, no doubt, but he never falls into the anxiety category like I do. Gretchen says his wiring is much more relaxed than mine, which may be the case but I don’t see what’s wrong with my wiring!

We hope that all of you have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend and as Gretchen always says, we hope it’s safe and semi-sane!


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