July 16, 2010

Thankful for Fridays

My life is full, but even more so in the summers. People stop by often bringing their canine companions, guests come over for a meal, and we adventure to places with people and dogs we haven’t seen in a long time. On top of the “regular routine” of our lives, it’s no wonder that I have a strong urge to sleep in every morning. By Friday, I’m exhausted, though happily so.

Yesterday’s surprise was my play date with Paige (blush blush blush) and today my surprise was a visit with my puppy friend Alice — that is, we were both puppies together and played very hard at tender young ages. Now we’re grown up, but we still enjoy each other’s company. Monty enjoyed Alice, too as our walking business overlapped with our Alice visit.

Alice today…

Alice as a puppy (and me, too!)…

On our way back home from walking Alice, we ran into our friend Laurie and her sweet, sweet dog Olive. If Paige weren’t in my life, I’d fall for Olive. She’s really adorable! Both Monty and I think so!

Because it’s Friday and because Gretchen knows I’m tired, Monty and I hung out at the house to rest while she walked Oshi and Perrito with Olive. Oshi and Perrito aren’t tired on Fridays. In fact, I’d venture to say they aren’t tired most of the time — except maybe after a long walk with us. See how well Olive gets along with others? I told you she was sweet!

Gemma and Saber got to walk and play together as well today and they did their best to wear each other out. Saber wears out first because of his size and I’m yet to be convinced that Gemma ever wears out, but Gretchen says she crashes after our time together. Mostly both she and Saber just crash on me while Monty watches and chuckles!

I was kind of happy when Gretchen went off to work at the pool tonight because I knew I’d get to sleep. Unfortunately, little did I know that she’d see Paige and I wouldn’t be with her! Darn it!

Though I didn’t get to walk with Paige, I did get to see her this evening when we picked Gretchen up from work. It was delightful and I will carry her scent and ears into my dreams!

Yes, it was a short day in terms of work, but it’s been a long week and I, for one, am thankful it’s Friday! Hope you’ve had a good day, too.

Have a great weekend,


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