July 13, Tuesday

Blogged Paws

I was comparing my paws to Ollie’s today. We are both Labradoodles and though he is a smaller version, I wanted to see if being a blogger has changed my paws significantly. While they look very much the same, Ollie had to agree that my paws are a bit stronger.

“All that typing,” Ollie said in awe, “How do you do it?”

I’ve never really thought about how much I type, but lately, I’ve reviewed all the postings not only on this blog, but also on my Rubinations blog in addition to my help with Gretchen’s new blog for her work — Front Paige News. I type a lot! I’m not complaining. I really like to tell stories (or Tails as I like to say), but it certainly has developed my digits!

And then there’s the walking. We walk a lot as many of you know and well, my digits get a workout there as well. So I’ve concluded, I am a dog with mighty paws or what I like to call, Blogged Paws!

There was quite a bit of walking today and though it started out cloudy, the sun finally made a wonderful appearance in the afternoon. Our morning started with Ollie (as I mentioned) and Ann came with us so we decided to tour the flowers of Seward Park.

Of course, Ollie’s interest wasn’t so much on the flowers as on the treats he gets for sitting and waiting (only he’s not very good about the waiting part — well, not as good as me!).

Ann and I then rested at home while Gretchen walked Rosie. While Rosie doesn’t keep a blog (though she should), she has very strong paws and while they played “Fetch the Treat” in the park today, Rosie started to get a little demanding about the treat coming out of the hand a bit quicker.

But then she saw a crow and she turned her attention to the possibility of chasing it.

Luckily for the crow (and for Gretchen) Rosie never got the chance!

Instead, she got another treat for showing some amazing restraint!

Gemma got to walk with Zoe today and when I uploaded the pictures from Gretchen’s camera, I was shocked to see that they walked to a pet store where the owner gave them free samples!

Sure wish I’d gone with them, but my blog paws were still resting.

Of course, they woke right up when Saber came over for a game of wrestling…

…then of chase…

…followed by tug…

…a splash in the pool (though not photos of that)…and finally a rest in the shade (notice who won the game of tug!).

My blog paws are in fine form after today’s exercise and though I might be a bit tired, I heard “tails” that I might be playing fetch with Monty at the park tonight. Better stop typing now so I can have enough digit power to steal Monty’s ball!

Until tomorrow,


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