June 3, 2010

Tip Toeing Through

There are downsides to sunshine. I know you won’t believe me especially after the days and days of gray and rain we’ve had of late, but when the sun comes out after it’s been raining, there are drawbacks.

For instance, the bees come out. Rosie found this out first hand. While posing for a picture, the bees buzzed around her. What could she do? Yep, she had to watch out!

On the plus side, the flowers come out more after a period of rain followed by a warmer, sunnier day. So was the case today as Rosie and Gretchen walked through Bradner Gardens. Beautiful flowers stretching toward the sun.

Rosie even stretched to the sun.

I wonder if that’s why her name is “Rose?”

Still, there are those pesky bees.

A downside is that there aren’t any open tennis courts so we are forced to walk. Woobie doesn’t mind walking, but she minds always having to pose for her picture.

Ollie doesn’t mind the photo, but he wonders why he must be put on a pedestal? Woobie and I wonder, too.

But on the plus side, we didn’t have to wear raincoats, which both Ollie and I are eternally grateful.

No tennis courts means we have to find alternate places to play. Saber, Gemma, and I searched and searched today, but ended up in the backyard. Don’t tell my other mom, Ann. She thinks we rip up the grass. Never!

The downside to sunshine is that around here it never lasts very long. Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow. Gretchen says I shouldn’t complain. At least today we were rain free.

She has a point!

Until tomorrow,


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