June 23, 2010


Sunday, the day before the first day of summer was, according to the experts, one of the darkest days in 15 years. Um, what does that mean? I know I was happily playing on a beach and oblivious to the weather, but when Solstice rolled around yesterday — the longest day of the year — I was happy it didn’t rain. In fact, the sun came out long enough to make my tongue flop to the side of my mouth in a hot and bothered pant.

Today it did the same and that sun — the thing that has lost its way in our skies of late — made a beautiful and friendly appearance. I must say that I was very happy to feel the warmth and the light on my skin. I think everyone we walked today was happy as well.

The day started with Ollie. He was very happy to see me, though I suppose he’s always jovial when company arrives. Jovial is a perfect name for Mr. Ollie. He expects every day to be sunny and doesn’t seem to notice when it’s not. That’s an attitude I wish I could maintain, but since I can’t, I just make certain to hang around Ollie — the bubbly ray of sunshine. We walked down to the lake, but never got to go in. I looked longingly at the water most of the time, but Gretchen said we didn’t have time. Shucks. We should make time for swimming despite the chilly June.

On the way back up the hill (and it’s a big one, let me tell you) we stopped for an impromptu drink and then a pose on the hot rocks.

Rosie was next and her name sort of sets the tone for nice days like this. Unlike most of us, she’s not particularly fond of the sun because she overheats quickly. But Gretchen just takes it slow and Rosie likes that because aside from treats, the thing Rosie likes the most is sniffing everywhere! And posing with the blue skies behind her!

Gemma still has a house guest (Cooper) so they loaded into the car and all went over to Zoe’s house. Gretchen says it was a contrast in personalities — Gemma, the confident, bossy Terrier, Zoe the laid back and joyous Bernese, and Cooper, the timid and skittish Whippet. But they all got along just fine and Cooper even found comfort hanging close to Zoe.

Finally, I got to play with Saber at the end of the day. Since no one was at the dog park, we played there for awhile, but it was hot so while Saber busied himself with a large stick (dare I say a log), I looked for shade!

After our mini-romp, we headed on a walk up to the ridge where Saber proved once again that he is much braver than I lying down on the grate looking at the view. I was just holding on for dear life!

So this may be the only Solstice we get according to the weather reports. I tried to back in the glory of it…hope you did too!

Until tomorrow,


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