June 23, 2010

Good Friends

This is our neighbor, Dely, and she is a very good friend. I like Dely very much and even though she’s not the biggest dog fan, she is still friendly and kind to my friends and me.

Today, as Monty and I walked down by the lake, Dely was ahead of us. I could smell her. “Let’s catch up to Dely,” I said to Gretchen.

“Oh, Rubin,” she replied, “It’s too warm to be running after Dely. We’ll just let her have a quiet walk by herself.”

And so Dely went her way and we went ours. Too bad, because as I’ve said, I really like Dely.

Then later, while Monty and I were resting, Gretchen took Gemma and her friend Cooper down through the same route we’d traveled that morning. And guess who they ran into again?

That’s right, kind and helpful Dely. Cooper really liked her. You can tell because his little whippet paw is resting on her shoe. But Dely is an extremely humble woman so she’d be quite embarrassed to know that I’ve written about her so much. Still, we must thank her for her wonderful help today. She is a good, dear friend!

Come to think of it, I have lots of good, dear friends. Sure, most of them are canines, but many are humans as well. For instance, Gemma’s dads are good friends. I like seeing them when they are home and they always come to greet me.

I don’t know Zoe’s family, but Zoe is such a friendly gal I can only imagine her family would be my friends, too. Zoe got to go to the lake as well, but unlike the rest of us, she got to go into it. Lucky girl. As you can tell, that made her happy.

Saber’s parents are really nice people too and whenever I see them, I make sure to give them my best wiggle greeting. On our play date with Saber today, Monty and I had a good time playing fetch, but every time Monty and I tried to catch our breath and rest in the warmth of the day, Saber figured out how to disrupt the slumber!

Okay, sometimes he joined us…

…but mostly he just tormented me.

Finally, Monty is my best friend and his mom is one of my favorite people of all time.

I guess there is quite a connection between my dog friends and my human friends. Good thing I realized that because it made my life all the better today!

Until tomorrow,


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