June 2, 2010

Close to You

I don’t mean to brag, but it appears that everyone wants to be close to me today. I’m not sure if it’s an every day occurrence or just something about today, but everywhere I turn there’s a dog or a kid sidling up to me. It started early this morning when I was allowed to go to school with Gretchen. Originally that was not the plan. The students are preparing for their BIG EVENT tonight and Gretchen was worried I’d get under foot, but at the last minute, I got to go.

And you’ll be happy to know I wasn’t a nuisance at all. On the other hand, the students were under my feet the entire time. What can I say, they love me. Then we picked up Oshi and Perrito AND Monty (Gretchen was doing her best to walk us all before it really started

raining…and we just made it!). Monty and I always like to walk next to each other, but Oshi does too and Perrito likes to walk as close as he can to Monty, so Gretchen had her hands full keep the leashes untangled and managing all those poop bags.

At one point, Gretchen had four leashes in one hand and 3 poop bags in the other. We all chose to walk on the right side, which was the side I was originally on. First Monty slide in and walked at my side and then Oshi wormed his way around Gretchen and walked right behind me. Not to be left out, Perrito scooted in between me and Monty and together we walked like something out of a Disney movie.

Luckily, after the boys went home and Monty had lunch, Monty and I got to hang out together and rest up while Gretchen picked up Gemma and then headed over to Zoe’s house. Gemma likes to be close to EVERYONE she meets. That’s how she greets another dog — she backs into them. Zoe LOVED it and for the first 5 minutes, Gretchen did her best to keep their leashes untangled.

Of course, when it comes time to take photos, the two girls struggle to cooperate. Gretchen has to pretend she’s taking pictures of the flowers…

…and then bend down to catch the two dogs being good. It’s not an easy job. All I can say is that I’m glad I wasn’t there because the two of them would have been all over me as they were yesterday!

As for Saber, he’s just so happy to be with his buddies he can hardly contain himself. He was particularly happy today because Ann joined us. She went off to something called Jury Duty this morning, but arrived home earlier than expected so she joined us on a long walk above the ridge and then a romp at the tennis courts. She finally got to see how much Saber slams into me, though she did say that I asked for it! Say what?

Everyone wants to be close to Monty as well, but today, he just wanted to be close to his bench. Ann got to see that too and he laughed as much as Gretchen does every time Monty rested his fetching body on the bench.

On the way back to Saber’s house, he continued to walk as close to me as he could get and since Monty and I were tired, we tried to lean against each other on the way home. I guess it’s good to have friends, but one day I’m going to figure out how to claim my personal space better!

Until tomorrow,


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