June 11, 2010

Eight is Enough

It’s been a busy week. It feels good, but it’s still been busy. I’ve earned my kibble only I don’t eat kibble. I eat homemade food, which I suppose makes me spoiled, but regardless I’ve earned every meal this week.

Today we walked 8 dogs. Well, I didn’t, but Gretchen did. Actually, she walked 9 if you count me, but don’t tell her or she might drop. Then she worked a the hydrotherapy pool, which she says is a nice way to relax after walking so many dogs, but I can’t imagine spending time with 3 more dogs in the pool after walk 9 during the day.

But that’s just me.

Still, we’re both tired and so we feel we must tell you about our Eight is Enough day in pictures…so here it goes!

"You usually don't walk me on Fridays. That must mean I get a treat, right?"

"Harumph! I'm the one who gets treats on Fridays!"
"Hey Rosie...how long does she make us sit here before we get our treats?"
"It's hard to say. Sometimes it feels like forever!"
"I think forever passed us by a long time ago!"
"Okay, Perrito you look that a way and Oshi you look that a way. Then report back to me if you see anything, and I mean ANYTHING, move!"
"I don't her being so pushy, do you, Perrito?"
"No, I don't remember, but I think we better do what she says. She's lookin' mighty serious!"
"Hey guys, you're slackin. No one is watching the flank!"
"I got Rubin's ball, I got Rubin's ball. Nobody can catch me!"
"A ball and a bench. Life can't get any sweeter!"
"Yes, I have eyes!!!"
"Ha, ha, ha, ha! I got my ball back!"
"Okay, maybe I'll have to steal Monty's!"
"I think I'm going to nest my ball right here!"
"Saber, I think that's my other mother. I think she's coming this way!"
"It's hard to kiss you through this fence!"
"Do you have to go away so soon?"
"What did I miss, what did I miss?"
"Come on everyone! Chase me!!!!!"
"You're on your own, Woobie!"

Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy the weekend sun!


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