May 5, 2010

A Moment to Complain

I may be just a dog, but I work hard. Really hard. What with teaching in the mornings, walking dogs all day, and then taking care of my own family I’m one tired pooch at the end of the day. So when I go to the computer to finish up the day with my Dog Blog and the internet provider is not providing, well, I get mighty uppity.

We pay a lot of money (hard earned money) for our cable service and for the past couple of weeks, that service has been anything but stellar. How am I supposed to write my blog? How am I supposed to communicate with my clients? How am I supposed to read the newspaper (yes, I read it) or research information on new dog toys?

And then, when Gretchen called the provider (silly name, provider!) to check out why it’s not working they said, “Gee, something weird is going on. Not sure what it is. We can get someone out there next Monday.”


What’s a working dog to do?

Luckily, the computer still works so for now, I’m writing my blogs on a word document and when the internet works again (which sometimes it does, but most of the time doesn’t), I will have what I need to post already written.

But who knows when that might be. Hopefully it will be Monday afternoon, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Meanwhile, we’re working. Today went like this:

To school. Yes, those students are writing madly on the last chapters of their stories and I am providing invaluable help.

Then Monty! In times of stress, it’s a great comfort to have a friend like Monty. A romp with him can take my troubled mind off anything!

Of course, it helps that we walked with the boys next door – Oshi and Perrito. They’re pretty darn cute and their clownish antics had me laughing within the first 5 minutes of our walk. I mean, in no time flat they can wrap up their leashes around Gretchen’s legs and give that look like, “What? I didn’t do nothin’!” Makes me double over every time!

And today was also special because Monty got to meet Zoe. I think Monty should change his name to Romeo. Geez! He has a way with the ladies let me tell you. He can make each girl feel like she’s the only dog in the world. How does he do that?

As you can see from my expression, I’m not impressed with the mini-love affair before me!

Saber did a lot to take my mind off my computer troubles as well. I mean, getting slammed into for 15 minutes can take one’s mind off anything, don’t you think? And when Saber found a full water bottle at the court and started biting it and the water came spilling out all over him…well, that was enough to make Monty and me laugh hysterically and forget all about any woes in the world!

But then I came home and not only was the computer STILL NOT WORKING, but Gretchen was off to her next job at the hydrotherapy pool. What’s a dog to do? No one home, the internet is down, and my work is done? Good thing I’m not the kind of dog who rips things up because if I were, now would be a good time to do it!

Until tomorrow,


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