May 28, 2010

The End of Yet Another Week

Time sometimes flies. Time sometimes walks. And sometimes, time moves like molasses in winter (a line from the classic film Gone with the Wind…yes, I’ve seen it!). What’s weird, though, is when time moves in all three ways in one day.

That’s what happened today. It started out kind of slow — woke up, ate breakfast and eventually headed to school — and then it stopped as I patiently waited for the students to finish their projects, for Gretchen to pay more attention to me than the kids who were off task, and for us finally to head out on a walk with our first client – Monty.

Then time sped up. Super fast. We were off like a bullet and soon at Gemma’s house where Gretchen strapped her into her raincoat because today, frankly, was nasty wet. I’m not really sure how I dodged the raincoat, but I did. Whew!

We headed over to the tennis courts where we raced around at the speed of light. This is when I wanted time to slow down, but it didn’t. It just kept whizzing by just like I did in a game of chase!

Gemma took Monty and me back home and then she went on another wet walk with Oshi and Perrito. This is when time slowed again as Monty and I relaxed and Gretchen slogged through the puddles on a walk with the three dogs. Because of the rain, pictures were a a minimum and as you can tell from the soggy dogs, they were none too pleased about time moving slowly during the photo shoot!

Okay, Gretchen…take the last shot so they can get home to their warm, dry houses…

Saber was next, but only after Gretchen came home to fetch us. It was so wet there was nothing much to do but walk so up the stairs to the ridge we headed and sat for a short moment for our photos. But again, way too wet to keep that camera out in the weather for long. Saber and I sat on the boulder and watched a plane fly overhead.

Monty sat on the ground and hoped time would speed up so he could get a treat!

After our walk, time sped up again and slipped by so quickly the next thing I knew I was sleeping on my downstairs bed and Gretchen was off to her other job at the pool. Wow. Just like that and another end of the week has arrived. I wonder what speed the weekend will settle into? I sure hope it’s the molasses kind. It would be good to slow down some.

Remember, no work on Monday for us so we hope you have a pleasant Memorial Day together!

Until Tuesday,


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