May 21, 2010

By the Hairs on My Chinny Chin Chin

Friday has arrived. Thank Dog! And we pretty much missed the rain. Yes, we got wet on some days, but looking back, we really missed the downpours, thunderstorms, and deluges. Again, Thank Dog! Even today the rain didn’t find us. Well, at least not until the last 100 steps of our walk and then it wasn’t really rain, but mist. Whew.

I probably complain too much about the rain, but heck, it’s getting towards the end of May and you’d think we’d see less of it these days. Unfortunately, it’s so not been the case. It even has the forecasters baffled.

But we made it to Friday and I’m very glad. I’ll admit, I’m a tired pup so I will provide you the day in photos and quotes from the dogs we walk since they often have very funny and enlightened comments!

Until Monday…have a good weekend,


"Did you throw a treat over here? I swear you did. Didn't you?"
"Nope, she threw the ball for me. Yep, justs for me and I'm never going to give it back!"
"Nope, she threw a treat and I found it and now I'm coming back for more. More treats, more treats, more treats!"
"Okay, I might give up this wonderful ball for a big, juicy treat. What ya got?"
"Hey Gretchen, how do I make this carpet sample run so I can chase him?"
"Chase? Did I hear the word chase? I'm going to stay way over here until we go home. Can we go home now?"
"I am not a carpet sample!"
"Hey, are you my relative? I mean, we both have red hair."
"Hey, carpet sample, I found my long lost brother! See, we both have red hair!"
"Why does that ball not stay on the backpack?"
"Do you see how he is? He always steals my ball and then tosses it around in front of me!"
"I love this ball, I love this ball, I love this ball!"
"Okay, maybe I love that ball more!"
"I don't care what ball I have as long as I can rest on this bench. I love this bench!"
"I got my ball back. Neener neener neener!"
"Got my ball and I'm heading to my favorite bench!"
"You two play your roughhouse games. I'm going to commune with my ball and my bench!"
"This is the best way to spend a Friday afternoon, isn't it Saber?"

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