May 18, 2010

Our Fair City

As our business expands — with clients moving and new clients calling us — we’ve been able to visit some new neighborhoods of late. In our explorations we’ve noticed two common themes in every neighborhood — stairs and gardens. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by these findings since Seattle is hilly (though not as hilly as San Francisco, I’m told) and we do get our fair share of rain, which every garden loves.

Today we got to visit yet another new neighborhood, though it wasn’t with a new dog. Ollie’s family finally found a house to buy and we went today to pick up Ollie at his new digs and then walk around his neighborhood checking out the stairs…

…and the gardens. This is actually called an orchard, but right around the corner is a large pea patch. Sweet!

I hadn’t seen Ollie for a long time and since he’s just moved in, we had a great walk through his new neighborhood checking out the stairs, the gardens, the scents, and all the different routes we might explore later on.

Rosie walks pretty much the same neighborhood as I do since we live just blocks from each other, but she enjoys the views just as much as I do…

Come to think of it, while our city has lots of stairs and gardens, it also has lots of viewpoints from high atop those many hills. And while the view is kind of always the same, it’s also kind of not partly because you never know what the weather will do. Rosie likes the views…

…though she’s not so fond of the stairs…

Zoe’s neighborhood is relatively new to us, though we have friends who live near her so we’ve explored that neighborhood before, though not for work purposes. And yes, there are stairs…

…and there are gardens.

In fact, there are probably more gardens in Zoe’s neighborhood than any others in which walk, but I can’t say for sure. I mean, what makes a garden a garden? This pink bush we sat (patiently) in front of, is actually in a park. Is a park a garden? Hm, I’ll have to think about that? But it’s true, we have a lot of parks, too along with all the stairs, views, and gardens!

For Saber and Gemma, the stairs came later today and Gretchen didn’t take a photograph of them because she was too busy hauling us up, huffing and puffing each one of us, up the 250+ stairs at the pea patch. Yes, they’re behind us in these photos.

But she took us to the tennis courts where she got lots of photos of us playing, which is something we enjoy doing in our fair city…

…some of us enjoy it more than others!

Exploring new neighborhoods is one of the joys of my job. The more I venture out into the world, the more I realize that not only do we live in a beautiful city, but also there’s a whole big world out there just waiting for me to come smell it! Some day.

Until then,


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