May 14, 2010

A Great Way to End the Week!

Sun, sun, sun. It doesn’t get any better than sun, sun, sun. In fact, there’s not much else to say except sun, sun, sun…and let you see the day in photos.

Enjoy and have a good weekend,


Woobie was first. Doesn't she look like an angel?
Then Monty, who also enjoys the sun as much as he enjoys Woobie!
Shade's nice too!
"I like the sun, Rubin, and the water running off the long hairs of my chin! Yummy water!"
"Okay, the shade works, I guess!"
Next up, Oshi (yawning), Perrito (smiling), and Gemma (the protector!)
Where's the shade?
Gemma walked Woobie home and posed in the sun.
Next up, Saber who was part sun and part shade today.
And we got to play fetch! Yahoo!
Monty loves him some fetch, especially in the sun!
But Saber only wants my ball so he chases me EVERYWHERE!
Saber even begs on bended knee to get my fancy ball!
And then he stole Monty's ball...Monty didn't care!
Finally, we wrestle, which is great fun but should be done in the shade!
And Monty watches on from the shade -- tired and happy!

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