May 13, 2010

Walking On Sunshine!

I’m so happy it’s warm. I mean, I’m super happy. It makes our work so much more wonderful. It’s wonderful all the time. Don’t get me wrong, but when the rain is falling sideways and the temperatures are dropping, it’s often a challenge to keep a smile on my face.

But today erased all those cold and uncomfortable memories. The sky was robin’s egg blue, the air was warm and clean, and the desire to get frisky was all any of us could think about. Oddly, it wasn’t that busy of a day, but I’m wiped out! Probably because the day involved some serious play time!

First, I went to school and there the students worked on teaching me a new trick. I know the trick, but I play hard to train just to push them to be more patient and try different strategies. The trick is “boogie woogie” which is really just me bowing down and wagging my tail. I’m actually training the students to get on the floor and do the trick with me, though they have yet to figure that out.

Tee Hee.

I rested at home, while Gretchen took Rosie out and Rosie, too was thrilled with the warm and wonderful weather. They played treat fetch at the park and if you look closely, you can actually see the treat in the photo where Rosie is bounding after it.

Of course, she decided it was easier to grab the treats out of the backpack at one point, but eventually she tired out and relaxed in the sun while Gretchen gave her an invigorating massage. You can tell by the smile, Rosie loved that!

Gretchen picked up Gemma on the way back to our house and then we headed over to Saber’s. All three of us were going to go to the dog park, but then we ran into Harry and Kona and decided to play at the little field. How fun was that? Just take a look!

We dropped Gemma off, but since Saber had a bit more time, we did head to the dog park only Gretchen didn’t take any photos because…well, it was kind of crazy with dogs in the water and her camera didn’t need to get bumped or wet. Next time, though, she promises.

And yes, that was it. Three dogs and I’m exhausted. Happily exhausted I should say because who can be grumpy on a gorgeous day like this?

Not me!

Until tomorrow,


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