May 10, 2010

Up and Running…NOT!

I keep blogging. Gretchen keeps taking pictures. We keep hoping, our paws and fingers crossed that this time the cable service can fix the problem (low to no signal), but even after the guy came to fix it, it’s not fixed.

I’m really bummed. I feel like I’m letting you all down and my routine has been totally blown out of the water and it’s making me a frustrated pup.

But I persevere. One paw in front of the other.

I was so hoping that today, Monday, would be a day when everything was up and running, but well, as you know, it’s not.

Still, we worked and this is how it all flowed (no low signals here!)…

I went to work with Gretchen, but the cable guy called and we had to come back home shortly after. He worked for about 45 minutes, claimed it would be better, but alas, it wasn’t so another person’s coming tomorrow to work on the cables outside.

Gretchen left when the cable guy did to walk Rosie and Tyson. She was happy to spend time with them because they make her laugh. She calls them the two stooges because they often bump into each other with utter excitement.

It happened today apparently. Their Dad opened the gate at the top of the stairs for the siblings to come down to get leashed up. Tyson came first, but then Rosie rumbled out, slamming into Tyson and the two tumbled down the stairs.

They went for a walk up on the ridge and found some beautiful flowers for their photo shoot. I know, they don’t look like the two stooges, but Gretchen says looks can be deceiving.

Gretchen came back to get me and this is when she found out the internet was still not working, so she got back on the phone and complained…only she couldn’t complain long because the line got disconnected. This has happened before when she’s called the cable company, so you can imagine how much it fueled her frustrations.

Mine, too.

So we headed over to two other siblings, Oshi and Perrito. We both needed to laugh at this point. But as we walked, the cable company called back and man, did they get an earful. We listened intently as we played at the courts…and then Perrito decided he REALLY wanted the ball in the backpack at which point Gretchen finished her tirade and played with us….whew!

Next up was Saber. I told him we had to make Gretchen laugh and Saber said, “Don’t we do that every day?” He’s right of course. We play kind of rough, but it always makes Gretchen laugh!

And then we headed down to the lake, which was kind of funny because Saber couldn’t keep his eyes off the water! Sorry, buddy, it’s not warm enough yet!

For the final walk of the day, we walked with Alice who was excited to see us and headed up to the boulevard for our walk.  Alice likes to pose…can you tell?

Of course, none of you are reading this or seeing the photos from the day because our signal is still weak and mostly nonexistent. Sure hope it gets fixed tomorrow!

Until then,


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