April 9, 2010

Walking the Seam

The sky was divided today. A seam ran right down the middle of it and on either side was a completely different kind of feeling.

Photography is interesting. We try to capture our day in the photos and then I do my best to embellish with words, but sometimes the pictures fall short and yes, sometimes my words do, too. When I look at the photographs Gretchen took today I can feel the fun we had and the adventures we took, but I’m not sure the photos capture the amazing seam in the sky.

We woke early this morning and looked out of the kitchen window to a dark and foreboding sky. Our first thought was that it was going rain like the dickens and that we’d have to really bundle up because the thermometer was barely nudging 40 degrees.

As the sun rose in the east, that dark and foreboding sky proved to be a bank of flat clouds stretched from west to east as far as our eyes could see. I turned to Gretchen at that point and said, “Whoa!” She concurred and we did our best to pack up for what we assumed would be a blustery and miserable day.

Luckily, we didn’t have to go out right away. Gretchen had some errands to run (I assisted) and some work to do at the computer, but as we watched the sky lighten up, that bank of foreboding flat clouds never moved. It was as if someone had taken a huge piece of gray paper, licked the back, and just stuck it up on the sky. Half of the sky looked like this…

And the other half looked like this…

We walked the seam…right between the middle of these two worlds. It was amazing, but at the same time eerie. Slowly, ever so slowly, the gray moved on and the blue warmed us up as the day passed. That was nice. Right now, it’s sunny and much warmer with those big puffy clouds floating by every now and then. They say spring will really arrive this weekend, but with the mish-mash of weather we’ve had of late, I don’t think I trust the forecasts.

The official work day started with Rosie and Tyson. That seam sat high above their house and Gretchen contemplated making the siblings wear their raincoats just in cast the skies opened up with rain or as a way to keep them warm. But she took her chances and what do you know? It never rained and the temperatures warmed just a bit.

Just to make certain everyone stayed warm, all three went to the tennis courts to play fetch. While they were there, Rosie furrowed her brow worried about the seam in the sky and Tyson looked up in contemplation furrowing his brow even more.

But neither of them worried for too long. They played. Tyson after his ball and for treats…

And Rosie romped around picking up treats Gretchen scattered all around…

The seam sat above them and while it threatened rain and it looks like it had rained earlier (based on the puddles on the courts), that flat cloud pasted on the sky never moved. The seam held and everyone was happy about it…

…most of all Rosie and Tyson. Good weather means a treat, right?

The three of them ended their time together with a nice walk through the park right along the seam. But they were happy, as they always are, to be back home in their warm and comfy house and even more thankful that the sky cooperated.

Gretchen came back to get me after Rosie and Tyson and we walked over to Oshi and Perrito’s house, one door away. Lately, the neighbor cat has been hanging out on their porch whining to get in. Orondo. He does that often. He likes to hang out with the boys and they like it too. I’m not much of a cat dog and when I see Orondo, I want to eat him. Gretchen cautiously approached the porch searching for Orondo, but he was no where to be found. She leashed up the boys and off we went, zig-zagging the seam once again.

Oshi and Perrito got new harnesses that instead of having the leash hook between their shoulders, it now hooks on their chest. It’s to keep them from pulling, which worked, but for Oshi it was torture. Instead of Oshi pulling us, Gretchen had to pull him along as he was reluctant to move forward with the leash at the front. It made for an interesting walk!

But we made it even though Gretchen posed us on the bench right on the borderline of the seam — between dark clouds and blue skies. We were a bit cautious about our positioning.

Once Oshi and Perrito went home, we walked over to pick up Saber. By this time, the seam was starting to unravel and the blue skies were winning. As we headed to the tennis courts, Saber was as happy as I was to feel the warm sun on our backs as we played. First we played with the orange and blue balls…

At one point, Saber tried to figure out how to pick up two balls, but lucky for me, he hasn’t yet mastered that!

…but then I found a stick and I LOVE sticks as you can see! Saber does, too.

We walked after that, down through the tunnel and then south towards the park, but right before the Frink Park, we headed up the steep hills to see if Olive and her mom, Laurie were home. No deal, but still we posed in their front yard though I wasn’t the least bit interested in getting close to the thing Gretchen kept calling a duck, but I think it was a goose. It didn’t smell like a duck or a goose at all!

Instead, Saber posed…

…and I rolled around in the cool, freshly groomed lawn. Ahhhhh.

Saber went home tired and content and the seam went home too. I thought our day was over, but then we met up with Monty and his mom, Colleen for a game of fetch. Colleen had the day off so while Fridays are usually days we take care of Monty, we got a special treat just hanging out with Monty AND his mom. Of course, Colleen wouldn’t let us take her photo, but Monty was all smiles.

The evening promises more adventures. I’m not sure exactly what, but I know I got combed out (yuck!) and a bath (double yuck) and I heard tale of trip to Argo’s house? Really?

Have a great (and warm) weekend! Watch out for seams!


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