April 8, 2010


I just wrote this nice post about how I like the word ominous because it sounds like what it is and then when I hit “publish” the whole thing disappeared. Now I must try to recreate it.

This sucks.

Or it’s ominous.

Okay, here we go. Sorry I don’t have as much time or as much energy to do it exactly the same way. I hope you’ll forgive me.

It rain a bit. It hailed a bit. And I swear we had snow today. One minute we’re walking under a blue sky with white puffy clouds watch our shadows walk along with us and the next it’s gray clouds and like large grains of salt falling on us. Weird. We even went up to the ridge today to see if we can capture the ominousness of it all (hey, is that a word?).

But the day started out beautiful and I even got a nice surprise. Usually we pick Woobie up on Thursdays later in the afternoon, but since we’re on spring break, we fetched her earlier and kept her with us for half the day. “You deserve time with your buddy, Woobie,” Gretchen told me and all I could do was wag my tail and smile!

We all went for a walk and then ended up playing some fetch. Well, I played fetch and Woobie sat in the sun looking beautiful.

Occasionally she ran after me or alongside of me, but Woobie’s not as into fetch as I am.

We rested back at the house, while Gretchen took Rosie out for a walk. Rosie was full of spirits too, ready to frisk around the second they got out the door. Of course, when Gretchen posed her in the sun, she wasn’t that happy about it, but later was thrilled when the jogged a bit and played Rosie’s mini version of fetch the treat!

Next up was Gemma who is always frisky and always thrilled to be out on a walk. They came by our house and picked us up, which thrilled Gemma even more. She likes Woobie as much as I do. Everyone likes Woobie as a matter of fact and it’s a good thing Woobie enjoys the adulation.

We walked Woobie home the long way and then Gemma and I hiked back down to her house the other long way (too complicated to explain!). The final walk of the day was Saber and if anyone is enthusiastic about an adventure, it’s Mr. Exuberance! We headed over to the tennis courts to burn off a little excess energy…

…and then up to the ridge to check out the weather (first photo).

We practiced the rest of the walk without Saber having to wear his nose collar, for which he was very thankful. He did pretty well, too! But once he went home, our day wasn’t over. I had to go to the vet, but not because I was sick or anything — just to get my vaccinations updated. That’s always fun! (Sarcasm intended!)

Now it’s raining. Big huge drops on the back porch. I wonder if it will snow tonight? I’m sort of hoping it does, but then again, warm weather might mean I can go swimming in the lake. Hm, hard to decide.

Until tomorrow,


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