April 6, 2010


I dream of world where people can walk freely, where cars stop whenever someone approaches a crosswalk. I dream of a world where dogs don’t have to look both ways and where people drive at reasonable speeds. I dream of a time when bicycles and pedestrians have the right away and cars have to watch out for danger.

No, nothing bad happened today, but man oh man, are we tired of speeding cars, red-light running autos, and people driving while talking and texting on their cell phones. Every venture across the street requires the utmost diligence and caution.

But I shall not dwell on the negative. Today was a great day because 1) it didn’t rain and 2) we made it home (and all our clients did as well) safely.

First up was Rosie. Rosie is very wary of loud cars and trucks so she’s cautious by nature. (I dream of a day when Rosie can walk without loud sounds following her footsteps or making her jump and spin in fright!). They went for their walk down through the park, around by the school, and then stopped by the sculpture for some photos and some practice on sit, stay, and down. Notice how tentatively held that down is!

Next up was Gemma who was spinning and twirling and raring to go. She came by to pick me up and together we headed over to Saber’s house. Let the love fest begin! (I dream of a time when lovebirds can romp freely in the open field without fear of racing out into oncoming traffic that hasn’t a clue that dogs are playing!)

I tried to get into the act, but those two never stand still long enough to even notice me. Well, sometimes Saber does and occasionally Gemma, and even more occasionally they both stop to catch their breath, but let me tell you, for the 15 minutes on the court (before our walk) it’s full throttle puppy play!

Everyone went home tired and ready to rest including me. Gretchen was glad because she had to head south to pick up Ollie and Playa? Where’s Doodles you ask? Well, apparently no human was at home so up the stairs he ran and hid under the bed. No walk for Doodles! But Playa and Ollie were more than willing to jump in the car and head to the tennis courts for some fetch! (I dream of a time when Doodles realizes that walks are fun especially since where they walk there are no cars, though yes, they must take a car to get there.)

And then up on the ridge for a walk in the ever-present wind.

Now those are some happy smiles! Gretchen came back and got me, though I’m not sure why since I had to hang out in the car while she met with her physical therapist. As Gretchen says, her body is an older model and therefore always needs a little tinkering and tuning up to keep her running well. And run we did after she was done with her appointment for we had to pick up Gemma again for a short evening romp and walk. We didn’t take photos because the light was all wrong and frankly, Gemma and I just wanted to play.

Yes, I’m tired, but I’m happy for the day of work/play and very happy that we made it home safely. Please, if you drive a car, watch out for us (as in “us” for real and “US” the universal pedestrians!)

Until tomorrow,


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