April 5, 2010

My Apologies

I seem to be apologizing a lot lately, but I really need to do so for Friday. Yes, I know today is Monday and frankly I’m quite happy that we made it here, but I didn’t post a blog on Friday because of unforeseen events. I will provide just the facts:

1. Good Friday — we had a date for a 5:30 dinner in Suquamish with my Grandparents (requiring a ferry boat ride)..the whole day was timed down to the last second.

2. We had dogs to walk, but the first — Rosie and Tyson — happened in the worst rain and most blustery of wind. Therefore, we left the camera at home thinking (foolish us) that the weather would continue.

3. No one else had to walk in the rain (just wind, wind, wind), but no one got their photo taken either.

4. Argo — the little guy (13 pounds) we were taking care of for the week, exercised his heart out so we left him home to rest while we walked everyone else…in the wind, but we forgot the camera again.

5. Upon our return, Argo weighed 15 pounds, his stomach distended and his whole body looking green.

6. He’d jumped on every table and counter surface available surfing for food — dining table, desk, kitchen counters, and finally, the kitchen island.

7. Yes, Argo is small, but he’s a mighty jumper and the bar stools helped.

8. 3 date bars and 6 large homemade chocolate chip cookies later, we were feeding Argo hydrogen peroxide and calling the vet. (Don’t worry…hydrogen peroxide in small doses is okay…it makes us “unconsume” bad things we’ve consumed.

9. 5 “unconsumes” later we’re driving to the vet’s office (I stayed in the car) and wondering if we’d make the ferry for the dinner date.

10. Best vets ever (in our humble opinion) fit us in pronto where Argo was given a stern look, but a clean bill of health.

11. Off we rushed to the ferry, made it, and then swayed and rocked away across the water — felt more like a 30 minute car wash than a boat ride! And by then it was wind and rain!

12. Made our dinner date (great restaurant according to Gretchen — Agate Pass Cafe), spent the weekend at the Grandparents, and cleaned off all the counters just in case.

Hence — no blog — and for that my sincerest apologies.

Argo went home yesterday — thrilled to see his voyaging mother, who informed us that he’d been to the ER three times before for eating chocolate.

For eating chocolate.

I never even thought I was supposed to eat it and here is this little dog vacuuming it up like he’s a canine version of a Hoover. We nicknamed him “Chip” for the rest of the weekend…as in Chocolate Chip.

And now it’s Monday and today everything went exactly as it was supposed to…well, except that Gretchen’s on Spring Break and we spent the morning together here at the house after walking Ann to school and then venturing down through Frink Park. I liked that very much.

Then off she went to walk Tyson and Rosie who were happy to see her — Tyson jumping up like his legs are pogo sticks and Rosie spinning like a dervish. They decided to walk down to the pea patch where it was apparent that people worked on their gardens over the weekend — lots of fresh dirt and lots of sprouting plants.

Of course, all Tyson and Rosie cared about were the treats they received for being good dogs while posing above the tiers of vegetable beds!

And according to their parents, they are known to consume mass quantities of chocolate if given half the chance!

Gretchen came home for a quick lunch and then we picked up Oshi and Perrito and headed to the empty tennis courts.

At first, I was the only one given a ball to chase, but soon enough, Perrito found one in Gretchen’s bag and did his darnedest to get it out!

Meanwhile, Oshi rolled in the warmth of the unexpected sun.

After the boys went home, we headed over to Saber’s house. The tennis courts were no longer free, but luckily, Gretchen had her long line and we got to play fetch in the little field. Yee Haw!!!

Once we were sufficiently worn out, we went for a nice long walk up over the ridge and down through the pea patch again…Gretchen wanted to see all the things people had planted so she could get her starts in the ground soon!

When Saber went home, we hopped in the car, which is something we rarely do, but to my surprise we drove to a new house, though NOT a new dog. Alice’s family has moved and therefore Alice, too and while she barked ferociously from her kennel, once Gretchen opened the door, she was THRILLED to see her and even more THRILLED to see me as I waitedpatiently on the walkway. I must admit, I was pretty happy to see her, too.

After I congratulated her on her new home, we walked through one of my favorite parks and Gretchen posed us first in a field of flowers (weeds actually, but still, they’re pretty as are we)…

…and then by one of the many waterfalls…

I could hardly wait to go into the water, but I was forbidden.

Alice, on the other hand, could hardly wait for her treat for being such a patient poser.

And as we walked home, the rain they said would be with us all day long finally showed up. Whew! Just in the nick of time.

All feels right in the world today — no vet visits, no panicked phone calls and worries about ferries and wind and rain. Whoever said Mondays are awful didn’t have a Friday like we did…and guess what? It was considered Good Friday according to Christians. Jeez!

Until tomorrow,


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