April 22, 2010

I’m Workin’ Here!

Often, when we’re out on a walk with one dog or another, people will stop us and say, “Wow, wish I could have the day off and walk my dog!” I have to inform them that we don’t have the day off, walking dogs in the middle of the day is our job, and frankly, we’re working here! It’s not a piece of cake.

Many still don’t believe us, well, except when it’s raining, but then we rarely ever see anyone. Mostly, on days like today when the sun is fighting the clouds for control of the sky, some people sneak away at lunch for a walk in the park and that’s when they see us. We’re, of course, here every day, but that doesn’t stop them from saying, “Look at the cute dogs,” and then oohing and awing over us and starting up a conversation.

In the course of that conversation, I have to inform them that as fun as this might appear, it actually requires planning and commitment to be a dog dog walker.

And strength. Not just physical strength, but emotional strength, too.

The emotional strength occurs in many ways. For instance, while Gretchen is walking Rosie (as she did today) I must wait at home. I do pretty well resting, but today was difficult because I didn’t get to go to school since Gretchen was in meetings all morning. Bummer. Then she went right from school to Rosie’s house and walked her all by herself.

Yes, that means I must wait and wait and wait and that takes a great deal of emotional strength on my part. Man, I want to get a-workin!

They headed up to Bradner Gardens to check on the new sprouts. As you can see, the spinach is coming up and lots and lots of plots are plowed and planted.

Rosie checked it all out.

And when asked how she likes spinach…this was Rosie’s response!

Meanwhile, I was at home still waiting. I was trying to be patient, but I was also kind of itching to get out on the road. Luckily, Gretchen came home, leashed me up, put me in the car, and off we went to walk Zoe. Now this is where the emotional and physical strength come into play. Zoe likes me. I mean, she really, really likes me. I liked to be liked, but I have my limits. So when Zoe comes bounding out of the house, I have to stand in my “not so close” pose and give a little growl so she doesn’t knock me down in her enthusiasm.

Gretchen does a good job of getting us going as soon as possible, and once Zoe and I are underway, she calms down a bit. But only a bit. To keep up with her, I must call upon my physical prowess. We went down by the lake today and both of us wondered when oh when will we be allowed to go swimming!

The answer? Not until it warms up a bit more so that we can dry off on the way home. Dry off? Who needs to dry off? Well, I dry quickly but I guess Zoe would take a lot more to dry off with all that amazing hair…amazing beautiful hair, I might add!

So, no swimming today, just longing looks at the (cold) lake and pleading looks back at Gretchen who holds her ground and keeps us on land and dry, dry, dry!

Not today, but we did walk side by side down the trail…

When we got to Zoe’s house, she’s all about romping around in the backyard, but Gretchen went let us get our romp on until Zoe’s knee is fully recovered. So into the house she goes and back into the car I go on our way to my biggest physical and emotional challenge of the day — Saber and Gemma!

With purpose and speed, we venture off to find a place to run and get all of our excess energy out. Well, to get Saber and Gemma’s energy out. So over to our secret basketball court where we played with abandon. Yes, I must do my part to exercise the children and like a good camp counselor, the kids LOVE me!

We dropped Saber off at his house first — panting and tired — and then Gemma who was equally spent. I thought for sure Gretchen and I would play some more, but we went home so she could have lunch and I could have a snack and then, if you can believe it, she left me again.

WHAT? She came home just a bit ago and she smelled all guilty. By that I mean, she smelled of other dogs.

WHAT? She has some explaining to do!

Until tomorrow,


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