March 3, 2010


Spending time with 5th graders ruins your ability to spell well, let me tell you! Today, it took me quite awhile to figure out what the note sent to me said, “Rubin, you are asium!” I looked at it over and over, but still struggled.

“What word is this?” I asked Gretchen.

She laughed. “That’s awesome.”

It is?

Who am I to question such a compliment?

Here’s another of my favorites written by another 5th grader: I am lacktoes tallerent.

It takes courage to spell this way, don’t ya think? I learn a lot when I go to the classroom and teach with Gretchen every morning and though I didn’t go today (I rested after a particularly strenuous agility class last night), I read some of the papers Gretchen needs to grade, but hasn’t yet found time to do so.

Here’s another wonderful spelling: Shdrange. (That’s supposed to be “strange.”)

Luckily, I don’t spend my whole day with the young ones. Instead, I get to go out with my dog friends who I’ll admit are much better spellers than most 5th graders I know.

Today was a special day in another way and that’s because I got to walk with Gretchen AND with Ann (my other mother!). Gretchen sort of hurt herself last night at agility so Ann decided to help us out today and to take care of Gretchen (like tying her shoes since her injury makes it difficult to bend over) and walk dogs.

We started the day with Monty and because there were two dog walkers, we picked up Oshi and Perrito as well. We were worried that the tennis courts wouldn’t be open today, but lo and behold, we got some play time there!

Perrito loves to play fetch, but he requires a special ball. One I particularly like as well and therefore had to stalk him to get it!

Alas, it was time to go before I could wrest the ball away from his greedy little paws!

Monty and I ate brunch while Oshi and Perrito went home and then Ann and Gretchen headed out to pick up Rosie, who was really excited to have another human on her walk! They went to the park and practiced fetch…

…and sit stay…

…all the things Rosie was happy to show-off to Ann.

Next up was Gemma who pulled Ann all the way to Saber’s house and then Saber pulled them all to the tennis courts at the other end of the park where they played and played and played…

…until Gemma’s tongue hung out…

…and Saber flopped to the ground…

Then it was back home for both of them.

Gretchen said she was a tad bit worried that Saber wasn’t worn out enough since it was a gimpy walk on her part, but later, Saber’s Dad sent us this photo (taken from the webcam they have focused on Saber). I think he was pretty tired.

Surprisingly, I am too, but that doesn’t make me regret any of the “asium” things we did today!

Until tomorrow,


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