March 17, 2010

That Green Feeling

I don’t remember St. Patrick’s Day being this busy last year, but maybe I was so much younger than that it just didn’t stick. It’s not like today was dog-busy, but for some reason, I’m worn out. Gretchen says it was the colder weather and while it did rain during one outing, the sun shown brightly this afternoon. Sun, rain, cold…who knows why my paws are finding it hard to type tonight. Alas. What’s a dog to do?

Before anything else, though, I’d like to wish Tyson a Happy 5th Birthday. I’m not sure if the name Tyson is Irish, but he if he was lucky enough to be born on St. Paddy’s Day than he must have some Irish in him. Anyway, Happy Birthday, Tyson! Enjoy your cake!

The day started in an Irish way. I went to school with Gretchen and everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) was dressed in green. The students threatened to pinch me because I wasn’t wearing any green, but luckily Gretchen convinced them that pinching me was not a good idea. Thank goodness!

I was really excited because Wednesdays are my full days with the full Monty, but today, Monty was feeling kind of green and not in a festive way so Gretchen had to take him out by himself. Poor guy. They went for a long walk, but Gretchen decided not to take any photos until she walked him again in the afternoon. By then he was feeling a bit better and they headed over to a new field to play fetch. Lucky guy! Because he’s been under the weather, he didn’t have a lot of energy to play for long though I bet if I had been there, he would have mustered up more stamina!

As you can see from the photos, though, he was in pretty good spirits mostly because the clouds had parted by then and the rain had finally stopped. Not so for my walk with Gemma (a true Irish hound) and Saber. I know I’m telling about the day all out of order since technically, I walked Oshi and Perrito before Gemma and Saber, but as I’ve said, I’m kind of tired so please bear with me.

So, we picked up an excited Irish girl named Gemma, then walked over to her boyfriend’s house (that would be Saber) and then, on our way to the tennis courts where we were ordered to blow off our excess energy, the rain came down. Not a hard rain, but the kind of drizzle-sprinkle that can really get a guy wet! Luckily, Ms. Irish had on her raincoat, but Saber and I we had to go without (thankfully) and as you can see, that made me so happy, I did my own version of an Irish jig and got the two lovebirds to chase me around!

Trust me, our energy blew away in 15 minutes and that’s when Gretchen leashed us up for a nice walk through the (dry) tunnel and up over the hill where she posed us above the I-90 tunnel…or tried to! Gemma was still a bit frisky and when she was asked to sit down next to a patient Saber, she was just like that kid in Gretchen’s class who disrupted everything with her inability to settle down.

Eventually she did, but let me tell you, it took some time!

And yes, in between all of this — before the rain and after Monty’s first walk without me and before his second walk without me — I walked with Oshi and Perrito who are anything but Irish, though I hear the Irish are stubborn and these two are awfully stubborn about facing the camera! Jeez!

I went for another walk in the evening, but it wasn’t a work walk — it was just a walk walk, but now that I look back on this day, I realize I have reason to feel so tired tonight! Whew…what a day…what a Green Day!

Until tomorrow,


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