February 8, 2010

How Do You Spell Relief?

It’s been a beautiful day though I’ve kind of felt crummy. I’ve been under the weather since Friday evening keeping Gretchen up with my upset tummy every night. I don’t do sick well. I want to go on all the walks. I want to play with all my friends. I want to be outside, especially when outside was as beautiful as today.

But Gretchen has only let me out to play and walk intermittently and finally she got me some medicine from the vet, which we’re both hoping works for me. I can’t take much more of these late night rushes to the backyard, nor can she.

Still, I tried not to let my tummy ache spoil such a beautiful day. I went to school with Gretchen, but slept under her desk for the whole time. I got dropped off at home to eat a bland meal of rice and boiled chicken while she picked up Rosie and Tyson who were both super excited to get out in the sunshine.

Of course, it wasn’t completely sunny during their walk, but the gray clouds were quickly parting while they headed out on their walk. Gretchen promised Tyson another visit to the tennis courts after their adventure their and she always makes good on her promises, so after their walk, to the courts they went.

Tyson waited patiently to play fetch…

…and he waited patiently again for the ball be it in Gretchen’s hand…

…or under her foot…

…while Rosie chased after treats Gretchen tossed around the court or waited patiently by Gretchen’s side in hopes she wouldn’t have to work so hard for those delicious treats…

Unfortunately, Gretchen put her camera away before she realized that by throwing treats for Rosie to chase, made Rosie more interested in chasing after the ball. Apparently, Rosie never chases after the ball, but today she’d race across the courts to the ball just like her brother Tyson…only she didn’t pick it up or bring it back, but maybe someday!

After Rosie and Tyson went home, Gretchen swung by Gemma’s house, leashed her up, and they both headed back here to check on me. I’d eaten most of my breakfast and was happy to see them, but after a short break in the backyard, I was left again. It’s tough being left, but it did feel good to sleep.

Gemma and Gretchen picked up Oshi and Perrito and they headed over to the tennis courts for a romp. Well, Gemma jumped…

…while Perrito pounced…

…while Oshi looked forlornly at Gretchen hoping to head back to the house…

At one point, the little ball Perrito and Gemma were playing with slipped under the fence. Perrito was beside himself worried that he couldn’t reach his ball. But Gemma had an idea…

"Get low, Perrito, and I'll push you under the fence!"

It didn’t work because Gretchen had to fetch the ball herself, but everyone was impressed with Gemma’s creative thinking!

Eventually it was time to go, though Perrito dug at the backpack to try to get the ball out again, while Oshi rolled in the warm sunshine giving in to the day outside.

And Gemma? She kept trying to convince Gretchen that with a little more effort she knows she could get Perrito stuffed under the fence!

"Come on! Let's try it again! I know I can do it!"

Gemma walked the boys home, picked me up for a short walk back to her house. It felt good to stretch my legs and hopefully get my system moving. I was feeling much better so Gretchen let me play with Saber some and boy, was I happy! Nothing like sunshine to make you feel better.

Gretchen tried to get a blue sky shot of Saber just to have a photographic history of this beautiful day!

Then we went for a walk to the other side, which is a direction we rarely go though it’s a nice walk with beautiful views…only the sun was in our eyes and we refused to look at the camera, much to Gretchen’s frustration.

Still, we’re pretty cute, aren’t we…even though we had to squint!

We walked Saber home after that and then jumped into the car to visit the vet. I’m not a great fan of the vet, but I was in need of some relief so off we went to pick up some doggy pep-to. When we got home, Gretchen fed the large pill to me after she covered it in baby food. I kind of gagged, but I got the medicine down. Hopefully it will help because tomorrow is predicted to be another sunny day! Don’t want to miss that!

Until tomorrow,


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